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Submission + - airtel telco leaks subscriber info to random people

jiggs writes: I have been receiving email alerts and billing and password information for so manu users whose names are similar to mine from airtel the largest telecom company in india and parts of africa for some time now. Their systems dont do even basic email verification and even after raising the issue with their ombudsman I continue to receive more and more new numbers as my email gets registerd as their email in their system.
Another time when I paid my bill I got an email notification which has 30 other people in cc. 30 other subscribers who had paid their bills at the same time and I got info for the 30 other people and their bill payment info.
how to handle such moron telcos who care a damn about subscriber info privacy?

Comment common practice in india (Score 1) 232

Its quite a common practice in india to keep pictures of gods as desktop wall papers and do home based spirit chasing on occassions. we even have a festival for gadgets and machines(ayudha pooja), when people put sandal paste and vermillion on computers, mobiles and gadgets, show champhor fire to ward away evil spirits and pray for good coding and business with those gadgets. this is done by the geekiest of geeks and the whole software industry even in software development centres in our silicon valley bangalore.

Comment Re:So which are the Indian Networking companies? (Score 2) 160

companies like airtel will use its hardware subsidaries like beetel(sp not just the unknown iBaton) or other indian manufacturere(rather import and relabelers) will import the same huwaei or ZTE spec devices manufactured in taiwan or indirectly in china and sell it. so govt here just helps the indian middle men if not manufacturing.
BTW the software for cisco to juniper et all are developed here in india and the hw made in china. so big deal its quite the same for american companies as well


Submission + - The ultimate handheld device (

jiggs writes: "Whats your idea about the ultimate handheld/mobile device which can perform everything possible. Here is my view of the perfect and complete mobile or handheld device. Do you believe such a device is possible or some company will soon bring out such a device?"

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