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Submission + - Legal Tender? Maybe not. (

fyngyrz writes: "Lousiana has passed a bill that says people may no longer use cash for second hand transactions. The idea being to make all transactions traceable, thus foiling copper theft, etc. This move has profound implications that range from constitutional rights to bitcoin, Craigslist and so forth; I wonder if there are any slashdotters at all that support such a move."

Comment Re:Here's my guess (Score 1) 1088

LOL. Its particle physics. Considering almost the entire world has to pool resources to do this science I think cheap parts is the last thing we have to worry about. They were not detecting light sent from CERN btw. Light is notorious for its poor transmission though the earth. More likelythey both have atomic clocks and record their events.

Submission + - Bridge for Switching Left/Right Side Drivers (

smitty777 writes: There is an interesting article in Gizmag about a very creative traffic design solution. Apparently, the road on the Pearl River between China and Hong Kong also divides folks who drive on the left and right side. This unique bridge not only reverses the direction of the flow of traffic, but also puts the drivers in the cognitive mindset to switch sides. While a really cool design concept, the design team unfortunately lost the bid.

Comment My Experience (Score 5, Informative) 472

I work at a major chip manufacturing plant. At 4.10 I was conferencing with another fab when all our PCs shutdown. 10 minutes later the place was in chaos. Now don't get me wrong the fab keeps going but my god the cost to the company of this. Say 10 sites world wide with 2-5k employees each the majority of which can't do any meaningful work. McAfee have a lot to answer for.

Comment Re:Randomness (Score 1) 94

This only applies to the Fisher-Yates method for fast shuffling cards. In this method a number is selected at random and that number corresponds to a random looking (but deterministic and repeatable) sequence of cards. Its fast but its far from perfect - just use a slower method (I'm sure on mondern hardware you would never notice anyway) and you will get back the full state space of the deck. Even still you would have to play a lot of hands before you notice. Note: I'm sure Fisher-Yates is not used on the Poker sites. If it were the sites would be open to statistical methods for mining money out of them.

Submission + - Computer Glitch Prompts 50 Raids on Elderly Couple (

spun writes: "New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg apologized to an elderly Brooklyn couple on Friday for about 50 door-pounding visits police made to their home resulting from a glitch in one of the department's computers. The couple's address was used in an automated test and never removed from the system. Now the police department claims to have a foolproof solution: they have flagged the address with a note telling officers not to go there."

Comment Re:Finally... (Score 5, Insightful) 100

Virtually ideal transistors that are easy to fabricate will revolutionize the nanoprocessor industry.

I didn't see anything that suggested fabrication would be easy. In fact the article mentions that e-beam lithography was used. If e-beam lithography is a neccessary component then you won't see this in the mainstream anytime soon. The process is slow. So slow it is never used for industrial applications. That said, it is used in acidemia all the time because nothing allows you to get build smaller structures.

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