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Comment Re:Well that and if your lucky like I am (Score 1) 380

The more apt analogy here would be if you had run your hose onto his property and left the spigot open, dumping unused water onto his lawn. All he's doing is visualizing images that are already being streamed to him unrequested. If he was bypassing some sort of filter then it would be stealing, but plugging the cable into the TV or running your hose over to his flowers instead of on his grass? I'm not sure labeling it as theft is really all that apt. I could see an argument for a moral issue here, but not really so far as theft. The proper course of action would be to inform the provider or in your analogy ask you to turn your spigot off.

Comment Re:Only for casual gamers (Score 1) 275

I don't know... I may be in a minority for this, but I can't do twitch gaming that well. I got to a point in Resident Evil 4 where you have to do a series of button pushes during a cinematic in order to "live" through it. In theory, it's not that hard... they show you the button and you press it or the right combination of buttons. But I screwed it up. And any failure during the long series of prompts, and you had to start over from the start again. Over and over. I was livid by the 30 minute mark of retrys and had to walk away. And I was very upset with the game afterwards... especially when it gave me a series of position sensitive survival button presses just in the next area that held me up for another few minutes... no I didn't realize I had to walk away from the back wall before the lasers came if I even wanted my button press to do anything at all. I'm bitterly grumbling even now about it. Anyway... a difficulty spike, even if it's not a problem for some, with no way around it can really put someone off a game they are otherwise enjoying immensely.

Comment Re:There is a diff between life and a Game (Score 1) 582

I don't think that was the point of their comment. They wanted to invest in creating only a single Prince of Persia game for wide release. Given the presence of both the PS3 and XBox360, they opted to make one with pretty lights and a wide open world. They chose not to limit the design to the lowest specs on the market, and chose not to invest in making a completely different game for that system. I don't have any problem with them doing that. People are misrepresenting their statement. They had an idea for a game. Wii wasn't equipped for that concept while other large distribution channels were. Cut and dry, no digs at anyone.

Comment Re:Hey now (Score 1) 97

I agree with most of what you are saying here. I have a "modded" PSP which I have used almost exclusively to replay ebooted rips of my old PS1 library in a hand-held, portable way. Currently playing Breath Of Fire 4 and I just slapped my Deception 3 onto it last night. It's breathed new life into my CDs which had been gathering dust. I know they are now selling some classic PS1 games in Sony's online store, but they are really few and... well... I already bought them for ~40-50 bucks back in the day. If only I could do something with my SNES and NES cartridges that are in boxes in the closet...

Comment Re:So in other words... (Score 2, Insightful) 140

It's actually been a while since I last heard about phorm. I believe that the general issue had more to do with phorm intercepting pages on the ISP's side and re-writing them to insert material before re-serving them to you. Google ads, on the other hand (since you brought them up) is a widget added by the site owner's permission.

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