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Comment Re:What a Surprise (Score 1) 57

I agree with your premise (that it's impossible to expect a teacher to individualize education for 30 students) but disagree with your proposed solution (technology). The real solution is the CHANGE THE SYSTEM. 30 kids to one teacher is a horrible system. 20 kids to one teacher is a very bad system. 10 kids to one teacher is BARELY workable. That's if we care about children getting a good education. Clearly, we don't.

Comment Re:What a Surprise (Score 1) 57

Exactly. All of this stuff just distances teachers from students even more and makes education less humane. There should be NO computers in classrooms. They are a huge distraction. If "education" is about filling up brains with facts, we don't need teachers at all. The public school system is broken. Children need role models and human teachers who look them in the eye and care about them as human beings. Public school teachers haven't done anything like this in decades. This is just the next nail in the coffin.

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