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Comment Billionaire businessman favours businesses. Gasp. (Score 4, Insightful) 370

Their problem seems to be that Gates is focussed on building sustainable businesses that can survive after the charity taps get turned off. That bastard!

Doesn't he realise that he is just supposed to pump money into Africa and hope that amongst the missile launchers and the AK47s, someone manages to smuggle in some penicillin?

Are we supposed to be shocked that a man who made a huge fortune in the private sector, favours a private sector approach when he is trying to get shit done?

Comment Re:Not a threat, a counter offer (Score 2) 530

Samsung will go where the demand is. They couldn't care less about open source or closed source - they only care about selling their products and if Microsoft produce a system that people want, Samsung will build devices to run it. End of story.

If what you are saying was true, Windows would have died 15 years ago and the world would be running on Linux.

Comment Re:The Compuserve model, Microsoft Edition. (Score 1) 530

If that was the case, Android would have a monopoly in the tablet and smartphone space. They don't.

Choice breeds complexity. What Microsoft will have with the Surface is a device capable of demonstrating what Windows 8 is capable of when it is run on good hardware without a load of preloaded crap. The OEMs will then have a benchmark they will have to live up to. the competition will still be there, Microsoft are just raising the level.

Comment Re:Not a threat, a counter offer (Score 1) 530


This could blow up in Microsoft's face, but I doubt it will, Windows 8 should, in theory be the perfect cross device OS. Being able to run the same apps on your phone, tablet and PC is an awesome feature. For anyone owning a PC running Windows 8, it will make sense to pick mobile devices that also run Windows 8.

I'm not sure even Microsoft could screw this up.

Comment Not a threat, a counter offer (Score 1) 530

Microsoft wont throw the OEMs under the bus, it just wont happen.

The Surface is Microsoft's attempt to quickly capture a chunk of the tablet market by producing a top end tablet running Windows 8 - I expect the price to be highly competitive in order to drive high sales, the end goal being to encourage OEMs like Samsung to move their investment from Android to Windows 8.

If they launched Windows 8 cold, the OEMs will probably be hesitant to make a major investment when there is no proof of the demand for a Win8 tablet - Microsoft are manufacturing that proof in the form of the Surface.

Comment What we need... (Score 3, Interesting) 129

...is a book that assumes you know all of the GoF patterns and gives a list of times when you shouldn't use each one.

Most people's beef with design patterns is that inexperienced coders sit down and think 'what pattern could I apply to this problem?' or 'how can I change my problem to fit a pattern?' instead of 'what pattern, if any would make this code easier to understand and maintain in the long term?'.

Comment Re:Not confined to UK (Score 2) 208

"you don't have to warn if the cookie is necessary for the functionality of the website."

Not necessarily true, at least in the UK interpretation of the directive. There are some very thin exemptions. That said, logins and stuff are easy - just add boilerplate that says 'By logging in you are blah blah, cookies, blah blah, first born child, blah'

Submission + - Space Quest Spiritual Successor Project, SpaceVenture (kickstarter.com) 62

Mr. Jaggers writes: "Remember the old-school Sierra On-Line Space Quest series? With the original IP tied up in a giant Activision-Gordian-Knot, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe ("The Two Guys from Andromeda"), the creators of SQ, have set up their own indie studio to invent a whole new hilarious universe, new characters, and puzzles; all the while respecting the style of art and comedy for which they are remembered. SpaceVenture is set to lambaste sci-fi franchises (as was done in SQ), and the team claims that none are safe, including Doctor Who, Stargate, Avatar, and others. They've lined up an all-star voice-acting cast, including Rob Paulsen (Animaniac Yakko, Pinky, TMNT's Raphael), Ellen McLain (GLaDOS), and radio legend Gary Owens. It's being promoted with a blog, podcasts, videos, live chats, and fan efforts including SQ marathons, comics, and fan videos. Best of all, as funding milestones are reached the team builds and releases prototypes; living, playable concept art demonstrating the character of the final game! The Kickstarter project targets PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android for release and includes awesome rewards that can land you in the game itself. It's definitely worth a look for fans of adventure games and sci-fi parody!"

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