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Submission + - A Stagehand in the software industry

ambercapuchin writes: So I've been trying to explain to recruiters for Microsoft jobs what I mean by putting some of my stagehand experience on my technical and software testing resumes. They never seem to understand. I'm considering spamming them with some links, but I thought I'd get some input first.
How would you explain stagehand experience as a value added commodity to laymen/technical recruiters? I've tried "learns at pace" . This seems so similar to the typical "der... ahm a faist larner" shoved as filler in to every resume that it never gets read. At pace means just that. The person doesn't know how to perform the task when they start doing it. When they have finished the task (on time and correctly) they then know how to do it.
How about "Understanding of systems and logical flow". ... You'd think this was a powerful statement wouldn't you? Nope. Recruiter:"What kind of systems? like linux?" "So you can read binary?"
system: A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.
logic: the art and science of reasoning which seeks to identify and understand the principles of valid demonstration and inference.
flow: move or progress freely

graceful under pressure gets no love.
Consider having six hours to complete nine hours worth of work. How long does the work take?
Sane people: "Nine hours".
Stagehands:"Six hours".
goal driven? nobody cares.

Anyway. I'm trying to adjust my resume to be readable by computer and software technical recruiters, and I want to make it understood to them that theatre experience is a huge plus.
I'm looking for 2p from anyone who has an opinion.
links and quotes for refernce to what a stagehand generally is/does. (horrible web design aside)

In is down, down is front,
Out is up, up is back,
Off is out, on is in,
Right is left, left is right.
A drop shouldn't,
And a block and fall does neither.
A prop doesn't,
And a cove has no water.
A running crew doesn't go anywhere
A purchase line will buy you nothing,
And a trap won't catch anything.
Strike is work--a lot of work,
And a green room isn't green, usually.

Comment Re:What is the big deal? (Score 0) 273

The point is that with a Light Sport Pilot License your aircraft is limited in weight (a maximum gross weight of 1320 pounds set by the Light Sport Aircraft rules) but it much easier to obtain than any other pilot license. Interesting about the classes of airspace though. Where do you find out more about which locations are which classes?

Comment What if he did it on purpose? (Score 0) 148

It is possible that not only did the juror in question post showboating "tweets" to gain attention, but then also purposely got the defendant's lawyers attention in order to provoke a mistrial AND yet further amplify his posts attention. Oooooo... that would be naughty. Naw, he's probably not that smart. That's like Ozymandias smart. Does the juror get punished if they cause a mistrial on purpose?

Comment Sneaky Info Gathering (Score 0) 420

The whole point of this method of password reset protection is that your preferences are not a matter public record or in any databases. Here, at this link in the article intro ( the nice people at Blue Moon offer to let you PUT YOUR PREFERENCES IN A DATABASE!!! Gah!!! People! Don't be fooled! It's sneaky...

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