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Comment Re:Before or after? (Score 1) 227

But what is porn is a moral question!

Besides, there is a line. If someone behaves abusively or threateningly s/he must be banned, even if the abusiveness is outside the project. At least I would not let those approaching children "inappropriately"[1] in my project, no matter how good their code is.

[1] A problem today in Finland, older men try to lure (early) teens into discussion, maybe pictures, maybe meet.

Comment Re:"Suggesting" ... (Score 1) 715

I am not worried if Russians hacked USA or not. I am quite certain they did (try to affect the outcome). This time it most likely did not make any difference, but next time (in my country)? Now they know what to do in grander scale:
1. fake news - it is well known people believe these
2. one sided "true" (i.e. slightly colored version of truth) stories leaked - again certainly will be believed.

How can we counter that? There is pretty much nothing we can do, as we can see in this thread, nobody believes news that are contrary to their (old) beliefs. We can try "fact checking sites", but then, nobody gives a shit about truth (as can be seen from this thread - it is hard for me to believe FBI and White House are lying just for fun.

So what should be done so that other government cannot hack (to get dirt from candidates), hack (create fake "news" sites), hack (spread rumours an untruths) and hack (pay locals to do same)? Ignore until provable evidence is around (which, due to Internet, is extremely slown and hard)?

Comment Re:You are wrong. Elon is right. (Score 1) 270

What really worries me is another bias: you always see *Tesla* crashed, *Tesla* failed" or "*Brand X autonomous car* did this and that".
But never "In a *Toyota* crash entire family was wiped out".

This is not going to change in near future, ambulance chasing lawyers make certain of it.

Comment Re:"IT" is on its way out (Score 1) 272

Every single time I have ever heard of "shortage of IT workers", it has been a case of requiring tens of recent TLA's, no decent pay, etc.
That is, the company is not going to train old-TLA-knowers, they want to get rid of that expense too. Only to increase the pay and bonuses of the 1%.

Comment Re:Surprise? Why? (Score 1) 348

There are a lot of cases where the compiler will pick it wrong, especially in embedded world.
Maybe compiler assumes code is run from ram although it is run from flash, meaning different code is a lot faster.

Then there are cases which the compiler cannot even handle, like cache cleanup and memory barriers - there is no way the compiler can know the peculiarities of your (custom) system. Same with task swap and atomic operations. You might be able to write those with C intrinsics, but even then you must know what code the compiler will create (i.e. not let optimizer reorder operations over a memory barrier - far from trivial).

The compiler support for those cases hasn't really improved in last ten years or so, actually due to new aggressive optimizations it could be said it is worse.

Comment Re: Windows 10 (Score 1) 249

#4 LibreOffice is not a replacement of Office, even if it works for you. It does not work for me. A bit offtopic, there are lot of web-apps which work only with IE.

#7 This is annoying. There still is no stable video with lip-sync (main reason: pulseaudio). There is still no good replacement for xv (gimp & ristretto are both slow and cumbersome and limited). I do not know if it worse in windows or not, I know it is annoying in Linux world.

#10 atomic.h is in very few distros (Ubuntu LTS misses it). Two different distros are going to have different version of Python meaning difficulties if you need to support both. Same for huge amount of other SW, the biggest reason being nobody gives a shit about backward compatibility.

Comment Re:What happened to C? (Score 1) 172

1: Memory model. That is, how "volatile" *really* behaves. 99.9% programmers do not understand volatile (i.e. memory barriers in SMP, etc).
2: Threads. 90% of programmers do not understand threads, and of those who do, most have no clue how memory barriers and atomic operations work.

We need a language where explicit threading is not needed. We do not (yet?) have one.

Comment Re:Nah (Score 2) 364

"Me: Their profit was .3 billion."

Do you know why their profit was so low? Because (some of them) funneled their profits to the company in tax heaven. How they do that? For example, by buying new logo for 1 billion, taking loan for that witn 20% interest rate, or by licencing for huge value, etc. From the company in the tax heaven.

Legal? Maybe. Ethical? You answer that.

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