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Comment Re:Wunderground Classic revival?!?! (Score 1) 56

I prefer the new design, although it took some getting used to.

It works much, much better for narrow windows

the 10 day graph, customized to add dew point has most of what I am interested in.

You can change that graph to table or descriptive form if that's more useful.

looking at the screenshots I don't see any information missing in the new screen. The new screen is 30% larger, but with a bigger font, so a better comparison would need to shift the size down.

Submission + - Supreme Court justices hold stock in tech vendors, other firms (

xantonin writes: "Chief Justice John Roberts owned up to US $750,000 in shares of Time Warner and its subsidiaries at the time the media giant filed a brief in ABC v. Aereo, which broadcasters won 6-3 last June, with Roberts in the majority. Aereo was a start-up offering TV service to subscribers through specialized antenna farms."

Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Wi-Fi Data While Mapping 215

Even if Google says there's nothing to worry about, writes, the company "said it would stop collecting Wi-Fi network data from its StreetView cars, after an internal investigation it conducted found it was accidentally collecting data about websites people were visiting over the hotspots. From the WSJ article: 'It's now clear that we have been mistakenly collecting samples of payload data from open [i.e. non-password-protected] Wi-Fi networks, even though we never used that data in any Google products.'"

Comment Re:storytelling (Score 1) 874

When I watched the movie I was puzzled by how they manage to get that great snow scene. According to the "making of" on the dvd they were rushing to finish shooting the movie because winter was coming on. It was pretty clear to me that earlier scenes were shot in the fall. When the shot the scene it started to snow. simple as that.

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