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Comment Re:No (Score 2) 563

The only way that I see that you could entirely eliminate the concept of "money" (aka currency) would be for everything that everyone wants to be available to everyone. This is the only way to eliminate the motivation to barter, and I just don't see how you possibly achieve that.

Submission + - "I spent months of my life working on splitscreen for Halo 5" - 343 Industries

SlappingOysters writes: Finder has run an extract from an interview with Kevin Franklin — design director at 343 Industries and currently working on Halo 5: Guardians — in which he reveals that splitscreen was originally intended for the anticipated Xbox One blockbuster. The controversial removal of offline multiplayer in a Halo game has had fans up in arms, and this is the first time a representative of 343 Industries has spoken of the team's frustrations at seeing it go. In another extract from the interview, Franklin also explains why Halo 5: Guardians requires a 46GB install size.

Submission + - Fenno-German "Sea Lion" Telecom Cable Laying Begins

jones_supa writes: Couple of years ago details began to unfold of a government-backed high capacity data cable between Germany and Finland, which would be routed through the Baltic Sea. The cable has now been nicknamed "Sea Lion" and the work started Monday in Santahamina coastal area, outside Helsinki. The cable was built by Alcatel Lucent and is operated by the Finnish firm Cinia Group. The Finnish government, along with the banking and insurance sector, have together invested €100M into the project. That investment is expected to pay for itself many times over once the business sector gets a boost from the new telecom jump. The new cable also makes Finland independent of the Øresund Bridge, through which all of the country's Internet traffic is currently routed, via Denmark and Sweden. Eventually the new link can reach Asia as well, via the Northeast Passage shipping route.

Submission + - The Payments World Really Wants to Know Who You Are (

jhigh writes: The generation that brought the obsession of snapping facial photos, uploading to social media channels and terming it “selfies” has unknowingly launched a new platform of cyber security for the world, a kind of biometric termed, “pay with your face.” This is a fitting legacy for millennials, who impart knowledge one click at a time.

Submission + - Microsoft's Surface Book will redefine how PCs are Made (

jhigh writes: Wired reports that Microsoft's announcement yesterday of the Surface Book laptop-tablet hybrid is a game changer for the PC industry. OEMs will be forced to either compete and innovate or risk extinction.

Submission + - Send a Facebook message to anyone, from anyone (

jhigh writes: It is possible to send a Facebook message to anyone, from anyone, armed with only user A's Facebook username and user B's email address. The possibilities for shenanigans are almost endless: send a message from an employee to their employer as revenge, from one spouse to another, embed malicious code and send it to your nemesis in a message that looks like it came from their mother. Facebook was notified and indicated that the application is intended to design this way...

Comment Re:What else are they going to do with the cash? (Score 3, Funny) 90

I'm not certain what the OP meant, but I believe that Google acquiring Twitter would be a huge step forward for G+. The biggest problem that G+ has is that, while lots of people may have accounts, no one actually uses their account. If I could integrate Twitter and post to my G+, I would do so in a heartbeat. You would suddenly be taking a great deal of content from Twitter and cross-publishing it onto G+ where others could comment on it, share it, etc.

I think that it could make G+ a real player in social media.

Comment Re:Yea, well... (Score 1) 279

This is the real point: if anyone actually believed that GoDaddy did a complete 180 over the course of about 24 hours, then all could be forgiven and forgotten. I don't know anyone that is buying that BS, though.

Submission + - Windows 8 Secure Boot Defeated ( 1

jhigh writes: "An Austrian security researcher will release the first "bootkit" for Windows 8 at MalCon in Mumbai. This exploit loads in the MBR and stays memory resident until Windows loads, resulting in root access to the system. This allegedly defeats the new secure boot features in Windows 8's bootloader."

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