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Comment Re:Did you guys try it? (Score 2) 108

I tried it at SXSW and it seemed fickle. To me it seems to be one of those devices that work when the planets align just right. And since their architecture is proprietary, I won't be able to modify things myself to try and improve the detection (or use it in other, cool ways). That's why personally, the DUO is a lot more appealing and I contributed to the DUO kickstarter.

Comment Re:Looks promising. (Score 1) 108

I'm going with the DUO for a couple of reasons. LEAP has been at this for how long now, and they still don't really have a product widely available; the DUO guys seem to be ready to go *today*. And while LEAK doesn't have any plans to produce an open source driver so that I can use this device and do my own processing of the data, the DUO guys say their driver will be open source. Indeed, their hardware will be licensed under Creative Commons. I voted with my wallet - DUO

Submission + - A DIY 3D sensor with open-source support (

avxo writes: While scoping out GDC, I ran across the team behind the DUO, a 3D sensor that they are recently unveiled. We got to talking, and they showed me a live demo, which was, for lack of a better term amazing. The accuracy and speed at which they were able to track my fingers and the erratic motions I was making was flat out insane, and some of the "natural UI" demos with games make the Kinect look like something from the 80s. What surpr me was the intensity of those guys and their desire to license their sensor under Creative Commons and to support Linux with a driver. They're currently in the process kickstarting the production of the sensor, so if we, as an open source community, want a good and open solution that caters to those of us who want to tinker, supporting them seems like a good idea.

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