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First Person Shooters (Games)

New Left 4 Dead DLC Coming Next Month 55

Valve said yesterday that they're working on a new campaign for Left 4 Dead, and they plan to release it in September. It's called Crash Course, and while it will be free for owners of the PC version, Xbox 360 users will need to purchase it. The new campaign "bridges the gap between the end of the 'No Mercy' campaign and the beginning of 'Death Toll' in the original game, expanding the game universe with new locations, new dialogue from the original cast, and an explosive finale." Crash Course isn't as long as the other campaigns, a deliberate decision by Valve to enable players to finish a Versus-mode game in about 30 minutes. A preview of the new content on Destructoid notes, "Since we've got a shorter campaign, much more has been packed into a smaller space. Lucky players who know where to look can upgrade to second-tier weaponry almost straight away. However, they'll have their work cut out for them, because there's a chance to get swamped by the horde right from the very beginning."

Submission + - iPhone App Design: The Design of "Lent" (posterous.com)

jsin writes: ""I'm sure that the design I came up with isn't for everyone, but there's no way for me to know what is. If you design for yourself, then the worst possible thing that can happen is that everyone else hates it. If you try to design for everyone else, and they don't like it, you might hate it as well. Which is worse?"

An essay discussing the design process of a new iPhone application, of interest to those who may be doing the same, or others interested in the design and engineering of software."


Submission + - Andreessen's Secret Plan to Find the Next Netscape

Hugh Pickens writes: "CNN reports that Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen has raised $300 million to launch a new venture capital firm that aims to reinvent the way money is doled out in Silicon Valley while reflecting Andreessen's unwavering view that the Internet will soon take over all aspects of our lives and that online services won't merely supplement your TV viewing or newspaper reading, but will replace those activities altogether. Andreessen, on the board of Facebook and an angel investor in Twitter, says that technology moves so quickly that only the young can keep up with what the latest stuff can do. "So the 24-year-old coming out of Stanford will have a view of technology that the 29-year-old — who was 24 just five years ago — would never think of," say Andreessen. "We love that kind of thing." Andreessen thinks that when companies are acquired too quickly, innovation slows down and says that YouTube might have come up with a path to profitability faster if it wasn't a part of Google. "It is hard for big ones to out-execute up-and-comers," Andreessen says. "Our secret plan is to watch what gets acquired and fund the next company. A good template is to fund companies doing whichever the next-generation product would have been.""

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