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Comment Re:It has this. (Score 2) 191

If you want to do it just for yourself (i.e. not "enterprise" wide) and are willing to compile any code, then you *don't* need to pay. Apple is making it so you can use XCode and install on your device without paying the $99 to become a registered developer. You only need to do that (and incur the fee) if you want to submit to the App Store.

Not quite as convenient / insecure / freedom enabling (pick your sentiment) as Android, and only practical for open source / personal projects, but still better than it used to be.

Comment Re:Oh honestly (Score 5, Informative) 436

First off, IBM and HP maintain their own JVMs (as did Microsoft until the Sun/MS lawsuit). Secondly, Apple insisted on being the one to port their JVM. Reading the blog post by Gosling will tell you that. And thirdly, they didn't do it "for free" (at least in the early days - not sure about the last few years). I was at Javasoft back then, and Sun funded some Apple engineers to work on the port.

I don't have a problem with someone else (say, Sun^H^H^HOracle) doing the port - it would be more timely, up-to-date, etc. I just wish they would have had a something worked out saying "We're not gonna support our JVM, and Oracle will be doing this starting on ...

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