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Comment Re:It seems pretty clear who to blame (Score 1) 93

Remember Insurance companies can jack up the rates on Non-self-driving self-driving cars.

But they won't, because those cars are safer than human driven cars, and they don't have an agenda, just statistics.

Then the Owners will demand it be disabled

I demand that you disable this thing because I don't have the willpower not to turn it on.

Comment Re:hmmm (Score 1) 55

Seems to me that would be easier to do if Google and Amazon were tracking mouse movements. I'm very anti-tracking, I write Android apps that are designed to prevent Google from tracking data and meta-data. But this, at least, seems like a (possibly?) valid use. A large dataset of mouse movements across the population (when combined with the other things Google tracks about us) could even verify or debunk the whole theory. I, at least, would prefer for Google to tell me I might need to see a doctor, when compared to telling me what I ought to buy today.

Comment Police state++ (Score 1) 549

Am I the only one that sees the surveillance issues? Police won't even have to pull you over any more. They won't even need patrol cars to catch you. Just send the signal to force your car to drive to the nearest arrest depot. Absolutely, I think self driving cars will be safer, but the gov is shitting itself to get them into production, cause they will allow significantly more control over the population. Am I the last conspiracy theory nut left? :)

Comment Re: How much you got? (Score 1) 184

I've been there. They don't stay on the line. They transfer you to someone new every 4 hours. And they usually helped not one bit, and certainly not enough to justify the costs. It was almost always our in house experts that solved our problems. Or Redhat. For 200k, you can definitely find someone better than the Oracle support line to help.

Comment Re:The difference... (Score 2) 97

This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week. The idea that the machines we could get as kids 35 years ago (I was one of those kids) were more 'interesting' doesn't make any sense to me. The level of effort required back then to get the machine to do anything interesting was astronomically higher. Today, it's literally 30 minutes from deciding to do it, to having code you built yourself running on your (Android) phone (assuming you've already got a PC and an internet connection, of course, but that's a pretty low bar today). Download Android Studio and an example, push to your phone. Then, the internet alone provides all the resources a kid would need to learn to write their own functionality. A whole universe of possibility at their fingertips. It isn't the machine that makes them want to do it. It's curiosity and drive and wonder. More machines, and different types equals more ways to tweak that curiosity. More chances to light that fire.

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