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Comment Doesnt this prove that it isnt manmade? (Score 1) 679

If the GW began at the same time as the industrial revolution: 1) It should take some time for mens actions to take effect and now you are saying that it happened at the same time? 2) There were few industrialized countries, mostly some western european countries and USA and at the end of the XIX century Japon and Russia.

Comment It can be done (Score 1) 215

The current leader's father was a super genius acclaimed all over the world. He had photographic, a super high IQ and wrote thousands of books of multiple themes (i think someone calculated that with so many books along his life he wrote more than a book daily). And I ask you, people. Couldn't such a great being have developed technology centuries ahead of us? They are waiting for the right time to reveal it to the world.

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