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Comment Re:3.5 inch floppy (Score 2, Informative) 117

Actually they seem to be willing to help people out who don't have 3.5 floppies any more. Per their FAQ "Is there anything I can do with stacks I have on old floppy disks?"

"If you have some old HyperCard stacks lying around on floppy disks that you can't read because you either don't have a computer with a floppy drive, then we'll gladly do our best to import them on our vintage hardware here in CodeFlare labs."

...just send your floppies in appropriate packaging to...

Their mailing address is in the FAQ for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

Submission + - Who Owns a Hosted Open Source Project? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Just over a year ago I convinced my company to release a framework we had created, under an open source license. Since then, a lot of hard work has been put in by myself and others outside of normal work hours and we've managed to turn it into a fairly substantial project with a solid user base. Now I've reached a point where I'm going to move on to something else and the company I work for is taking the typical corporate position that they own the project and everything related to it. Since it's hosted on a popular project hosting site, I'm curious who actually owns the project and it's SVN repository? I originally established the project and no one but the core developers have access to it, so can we refuse to hand over full access to the open source project? Clearly, it's within my right to fork it, but that seems like a bad solution especially since the company just wants to shut it down. I've spent sometime looking around for information on this, but it seems like this either hasn't happened before or it's happened behind closed doors. Does the slashdot community have any thoughts on this?

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