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Comment Think about your career (Score 1) 735

The short-term time and cash benefits of moving are clear: an extra hour for you each day, and more than £300 better off each month after the Exchequer's take.

Now think:
-What are you learning in your current workplace? What would you learn at the new one? Not only from the point of view of technology, but also from a wider business perspective.
-How do the two businesses differ? Think present business model, future prospects, etc. Don't just consider how the companies pay salaries today, but how they will continue doing it tomorrow.

And now for the final one:
-How would the new workplace challenge, strain and push you further compared to the current one?
-How would you improve as a professional in the new job?

PC Games (Games)

Blizzard vs. Glider Battle Resumes Next Week 384

trawg writes "You paid for it, you have the DVD in your drive and the box on the floor next to your desk, but do you own the game? That's the question the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on next week in the case between Blizzard, publisher of World of Warcraft, and MDY, publisher of the Glider bot. The Glider bot plays World of Warcraft for you, but Blizzard frowns on this, saying it voids the license agreement — you don't own the game, you only have a license to use it, and bots like Glider invalidate the license. The EFF has a good summary of the case as well. The case is due to be resumed on Monday."

Submission + - Music file sharer cleared of fraud (

krou writes: The BBC is reporting that Alan Ellis, who ran music file sharing site Oink from his flat in the UK, has been found not guilty of conspiracy to defraud. Between 2004 and 2007, the site 'facilitated the download of 21 million music files' by allowing its some 200,000 'members to find other people on the web who were prepared to share files'. Ellis was making £18,000 a month from donations from users, and claimed that he had no intention of defrauding copyright holders, and said 'All I do is really like Google, to really provide a connection between people. None of the music is on my website.'

Comment Hardly a new development (Score 1) 133

Audience measurement has been going on for a while in the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) sector. Many well-established companies work on this sector: TruMedia, Quividi, Wututu are familiar names in the industry.

For more information, the DailyDOOH blog:

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