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Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 1) 618

I was once hired by a University Research group to write a program to do calculations and project the "real" impact of Tourism, given a certain measurement, by county. Once I scoped it out, it became apparent that of the 14 numbers on each county sheet, only one was input and the rest simply derived from the first number. I told them I'd finish the project provided I could put an "*" beside the real number and put a footnote at the bottom of each sheet explaining that all numbers, except this one, were derived and not "data". We agreed and I finished the project.

Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 1) 618

I worked for an employer as an electrician. I found that the wiring in a major building left off a whole circuit breaker panel from the metering. [My father worked for a power company( (POCO) his whole life. The spinning disk in the meter fed us.] I told my employer of the problem and told him that that would need to be reported to the POCO. I also told them that the POCO would probably charge them about $30,000 for each year in a 5 year lookback period unless we could prove the problem was newer. [Oddly enough I knew the formula the POCO used.] They hemmed and hawed and ask if I couldn't just "fix it"? I said no that would be a misdemeanor in this state and if they wanted me to fix it before it was reported, I'd need a signed letter from someone in my chain of command. I also told they it really should be reported within 30 days from now. I also had a long telephone conversation with the union lawyer. So they reported it to the POCO. POCO came out took pictures. The various lawyers negotiated and they paid it off over about a 2 year period. Once reported and documented I fixed it and everyone just kept on truckin'. Had they chosen to not report it, I had to follow a very detailed process to be sure to be protected by the state Whistle Blower Act (which I worked out with the union lawyer). I'll never take a job I'm not willing to be fired from.

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