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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Multple Printers and End User Issue 2

jflo writes: I just started as an IT Manager for a land developer. We have a good number of agents in the field working within different communities that we build, and they move around to different communities a lot. This is all well and good except that there is a need for a Multifunction printer at each unit, and each unit has a different model of printer than the next. Obviously, the easiest thing to do would be to put the same unit at each model thus making deployment a no headache, however, I would prefer not to spend the capital in that sort of investment. The problem here is that all of the end users have to install the printer fresh at almost every model they go to, and use different manufacturer provided tools for each deal. That is a deployment nightmare... and it puts me between a rock and a hard place because we already own the equipment and it works. I am wondering if anyone else out there has experience in this sort of environment, and perhaps provide some suggestions as how I can manage the environment without spending a boat load of money.

Comment An End User at work got this... (Score 0) 294

I work for a rather large Automotive Supplier, and a guy in our racing division got this thing last week. I ended up pulling his hard drive and connecting it as a secondary on my laptop... I found that I had to change folder options to show hidden files, from there I was able to copy all of his files. Once copied to my hard drive, I had to 'un-hide' everything. I formatted his old drive, reimaged, copied everything back over and was good to. Problem here, its almost impossible to fix this remotely, so I had to have the end user over night his laptop from NC to MI, and then vice versa. 4 day process. Fun time. F*** YOU to whoever wrote this thing.

Submission + - PS3 Network Outage Ongoing (

jflo writes: ""As you may be aware, Sony's PlayStation Network is down in the dumps. To make matters worse, there is no clear timetable as to when the service will be back online, which is causing great frustration in the gamer community. The timing couldn't be any worse as the weekend approaches. "

Perhaps Sony needs Captain Janway from Voyager to fight them into following the prime directive of gamers, so we don't have go through this much longer."

Comment Bloody Brits - At It Again (Score 0) 155

Havent the Brits learned anything from the adventures of their very own Captain Picard???? Captain Picard always awknowledged and lived by the fact that as a leader of a large community, that he was bound by discretion in his personal life. Obviously, this is just a marketing strategy by the Parliment to help improve the public image of the dusty cum hole known as the Queen. Wont they ever brush their teeth and learn?

Comment Re:Really? We Allow this S***? (Score 0) 120

Yes the HSPA and WiMax networks allow for faster data rates, but the speed as always is dependant upon the internet connection that is provided to the core towers and how many end users fall beneath the umbrella of it. 4G, alongside 3G, is just a marketing gimick. Any normal end user just wants their shit to work, and the faster the better, in most cases. The American public, generally does fall for this shit, and its sad, but true tech heads like the ones found on slashdot generally know better. Kudos Man

Comment Its all Dental Hygene (Score 0) 521

It's all in dental hygene.... I know we have all seen the big book of British smiles at sometime in our lives. Those wacky Brits and their pointy teeth... plus don't they brush like once a week. Either way, some of them may look good naked but as long as they dont smile.

Comment The Delta Flier (Score 3, Funny) 97

If Star Trek Voyager has taught us anything, when you need to go deep into the ocean, just send the bad boy Tom Paris with trusty sidkick Ensin Kim in the Delta Flier. Thats more than enough to get hte job done. The only downside is that Lt Paris may make everyone listen to some drawn out letter hes writing to his father.... and quite frankly, its too dramatic for my tastes.

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