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Comment MotoActv (Score 2) 196

Google already owns a smart watch. It is called the Motorola MotoActv. It is a smart GPS watch running android and can interface with some android phones. It has Wifi, BT, ANT+, FM, with GPS, Touchscreen, music player, etc. I believe that someone has jailbroken it already. Unfortunately, Moto was slipping on their support and since Google has bought them it has just gotten worse.

Comment I actually prefer Bing Maps over Google Maps (Score 1) 277

If you had told me a year ago I would say that I would not have believed you.

We are looking for a new house. I have found that Bing is much more accurate that Google. This is especially true for new developments. The easy explanation for this is that Bing is using more up to date data. However, there have been times where google is off by 2-3 houses and Bing is right on the money.

I have also found that Bing's Bird Eye View is superior in my needs than street view is when trying to examine neighborhoods.

On the other hand, I have disabled the silverlight view of Bing maps and gone back to the old view because of speed.

Comment Re:Confusion? (Score 2, Insightful) 25

I believe they classify this as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). So, theoretically, it would catch stuff like XSS, SQL Injection, etc. Now, you have your Apache misconfigured, I am not sure what it will do for you.

Comment Re:Watch out, MW2 lovers... (Score 1) 341

Not to defend IW or anything, because I think that they killed a lot of aspects of the game. But, I believe that in this case, the individuals are hosting the game vs. IW hosting it. Now, to what degree Steam / IW are involved in matchmaking I don't know.

Now, I have been surprised that the setup works at all. But, it does work, for now. But man, if something goes wrong, everyone in your party has to leave, you have to send invites out, etc.... It would have been much simpler to just included dedicated servers. I will be surprised if the next version from IW comes out for the PC at all. The consolization of the game reminds me of the shenanigans that EPIC pulled with UT3.


Submission + - A weighty comic: xkcd on gravity wells ( 2

Will.Woodhull writes: "xkcd's comic for today is a wonderful description of the solar system in terms of gravity wells. Don't miss it!

It does raise a couple of questions: how accurate are the numbers (can we trust our comics in this day and age)? should this be incorporated into K-12 schooling? And what's with those Titanics: it seems like like they are singing a Frank Sinatra lyric with their lungs full of helium?"

United States

Submission + - Xmas-Day terrorist used PETN to destroy airplane. (

reporter writes: A report just issued by the "Wall Street Journal" provides new information about the failed attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, an African terrorist, to destroy an in-flight passenger jet. The most disturbing detail is that the explosive device was not a firecracker (which several news organizations erroneously reported). The explosive device is PETN. It is an extremely powerful explosive; according to an investigative report by, "[a] little more than 100g of PETN could destroy a car. The device allegedly used by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab involved a syringe and a soft plastic container filled, reportedly, with 80g of PETN. The remnants of the bomb are being analysed in an FBI laboratory."

The implication is profound. If Abdulmutallab had succeeded in detonating the explosive at high altitude and, hence, creating a hole in the fuselage of the aircraft, "the decompression would tear the aircraft apart", and all 300 passengers on that jet would have died.


Submission + - The speculative prehistory of the iPhone (

harrymcc writes: The blogosphere is abuzz with rumors about "iSlate," Apple's supposed upcoming tablet. It's constructive to look back at coverage of the first iPhone in the months before it was announced. A high percentage of what was reported turned out to be hooey--as I remembered as I reviewed stories that said the iPhone would have a click wheel, a slide-out keyboard, and two batteries, and would run on an Apple-branded wireless network. I'm guessing that much of what we "know" about iSlate is similarly off-base.
First Person Shooters (Games)

New Left 4 Dead DLC Coming Next Month 55

Valve said yesterday that they're working on a new campaign for Left 4 Dead, and they plan to release it in September. It's called Crash Course, and while it will be free for owners of the PC version, Xbox 360 users will need to purchase it. The new campaign "bridges the gap between the end of the 'No Mercy' campaign and the beginning of 'Death Toll' in the original game, expanding the game universe with new locations, new dialogue from the original cast, and an explosive finale." Crash Course isn't as long as the other campaigns, a deliberate decision by Valve to enable players to finish a Versus-mode game in about 30 minutes. A preview of the new content on Destructoid notes, "Since we've got a shorter campaign, much more has been packed into a smaller space. Lucky players who know where to look can upgrade to second-tier weaponry almost straight away. However, they'll have their work cut out for them, because there's a chance to get swamped by the horde right from the very beginning."

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