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Comment Re: Why shop at Walmart (Score 1) 467

My primary point was that, for over 100 years, it has been possible for a larger, nonlocal company to compete with local stores. Also, the practice of "drop-shipping", where one company takes orders and then pays other companies to actually ship the merchandise, has been around for decades. The companies that actually ship the merchandise are termed mail-order fulfillment companies, and I worked for one such company back in 1989.

Comment Re: Same Problem (Score 2) 435

Being able to walk around and look at the back of an object requires the renderer to know what the back of an object looks like. This is relatively easy if you are rendering a 3-D model, but doing this in the real world requires multiple cameras viewing the same object from all sides, and you will still have to extrapolate some data.

Comment Re:Mr President we have a flamethrower gap (Score 1) 181

Judging from the length of the flame being thrown in the demonstration video, I suspect a fair number of new owners will collect Darwin Awards. If the wind shifts, or you get splashback from a wall or earth bank ahead of you, you could easily set yourself on fire. If you then get an uncontrolled ignition of the fuel tank, it is definitely crispy critter time.

Comment Re: Slight change in title, if I may (Score 1) 326

A hobbiest who built his own working hydrogen-fusion reactor has given presentations at a couple of Phreaknics (an annual hacker convention in Nashville,TN, USA). One year he brought the reactor with him. Admittedly, he has not yet succeeded in generating more power than the reactor consumes, but neither have the large fusion experiments.

Comment Cop didn't fully state the law (Score 1) 1440

According to what I can find online, Georgia law forbids HAND-HELD use of a cell phone while driving, for whatever purpose, and texting while driving, whether the phone is hand-held or hands-free. HANDS-FREE use of a cell phone for talking or using the GPS app is legal. So, if your phone is in a mounting bracket, you can legally use it as a GPS while driving.

Comment Re: Why not just 0? (Score 1) 996

So, you don't have any studies to back up your claim that Americans have a high rate of worm infestations, just your guess. One common symptom of worm infestation is that the patient eats a greater than normal quantity of food, yet remains skinny, except for a bloated belly caused by the worm's growth. Given that one of the primary health concerns in America is the number of obese people, I would say that there is strong evidence that most Americans DO NOT have intestinal worms. Also, if alcohol is the most effective vermifuge known, then why is it not the vermifuge of choice around the world?

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