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Comment Re: Writing 32 lines is not "Learning CS" (Score 1) 287

There's perhaps a distinction between coding and programming being used that you missing (coding: Just writing code. Programming: Designing and building programs). You're right that coding is really accessible - and there's terrific tools that will write most of your code for you. However there's a huge number of people out there coding really awful programs, because the knowledge necessary to understand what the computer is really doing with your code is quite hard to come by, which I believe is necro81's point.

Submission + - Hacker who breached Zuckerberg's facebook account to get US12k

RemyBR writes: The Palestinian hacker Khalil Shreateh, who broke into the Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline to expose a security lapse will be awarded nearly $12,000 but not from Facebook, it will come from an online crowdsourced campaign.

'Let us all send a message to security researchers across the world and say that we appreciate the efforts they make for the good of everyone.', said Marc Maiffret, CTO of BeyondTrust and the starter of the campaign.

It's still possible to donate on the campaign website.

Submission + - Egyptian Tomb Bat May Harbor MERS Virus ( 1

sciencehabit writes: Scientists say they are one step closer to understanding the origins of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), the deadly viral disease that has been spreading in the Middle East for more than a year. They have found a small fragment of the virus's genome in an Egyptian tomb bat from Saudi Arabia, suggesting that these bats are a source of the virus—although another animal species may act as the bridge to humans.

Submission + - DDO hands out hundreds of bans with no explanation ( 1

Zarrot writes: Turbine creators of Dungeons and Dragons online handed out multiple bans and warnings to customers over an exploit in their recent Mabar festival. Customers are angry and confused as most have no idea what the supposed exploit was. Turbine customer service has been doing little to address the concerns.

Comment Re:Whats the hold up (Score 1) 177

None of which is worth the cost of retrieval.

Except for one thing. If you want to build an infrastructure in space, getting materials off the moon is far cheaper than getting the same materials off Earth. If you're planning on a large enough infrastructure, spending a couple of trillion on moon mines may become the smart thing to do.

Comment Re:OMG, there's lot of planets out there (Score 1) 146

Interesting: engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity.

Sure. Some of these may be "interesting" to a limited set of people, but for the most part they are about the same as the other couple of hundred planets already discovered.

There's a lot of planets out there. They were expecting to find a bunch of them. This is not news.

I'm pretty sure if there were interesting planets in the 32 they are announcing, they would have pointed them out.

Comment OMG, there's lot of planets out there (Score 0, Troll) 146

Slow News Day.

Seriously, are any of these 32 new planets at all interesting? It was great that we've figured out how to detect the existence of these planets, but even the chilean team doesn't bother to single out any of them as being out of the ordinary.

Now that VASIMR technology seems to be coming of age, isn't it time to do a survey of everything within say, 20 light years to find stuff that may be potentially habitable?

Comment Re:I understand these modern times and all... (Score 1) 875

The only thing that this being a "right" gets you is that if there is an ISP that services your area, they cannot refuse to connect you, the service must be reasonably priced and the connection must be at least this good 75% of the time.

This is really just establishing a legal minimum level of service than an ISP can provide in Finland.

No, you don't need the right to Internet Access to survive. You also don't need the right to vote to survive either, yet you have it. You have the right to an awful lot of things you probably know nothing about, think are entirely useless and never exercise.

Comment Re:Great! But... (Score 1) 875

Yes, you probably do. You also have the right to an electricity supply to power the computer and the right to have a house to put it in.

You also have the legal obligation to pay for the house, the computer, the electricity and the internet connection.

You do not have to avail yourself any of these rights if you don't want to.

Comment Re:Solar Thrust (Score 1) 343

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't just glue a whole bunch of solar car tops onto the Ares. The 40 pounds includes not only the solar panels but also the "carbon-fiber-and-Kevlar bodywork" and perhaps even a small section of "chrome-moly steel frame".

The point is that a 540 pound car can hit 90 miles an hour with less than 40 pounds of solar cells. The cells are not a substantial portion of the weight of the car.


Submission + - Transforming Waste Plastic into $10/Barrel Fuel (

Mike writes: "Today Washington D.C. based company Envion opened a $5 million dollar facility that they claim will be able to efficiently transform plastic waste into a source of oil-like fuel. The technology uses infra-red energy to remove hydrocarbons from plastic without the use of a catalyst, transforming 82% of the original plastic material into fuel. According to Envion, the resulting fuel can then be blended with other components, providing a source for gasoline or diesel at as low as $10 per barrel."

Comment Re:More questions than answers (Score 3, Informative) 98

What exactly do you mean by "bee-sting allergy". These nanobees are filled with melittin, which may or may not be the same thing.

Interestingly, if you inject melittin you'll cause "widespread destruction of red blood cells" but these things don't. That might be because they target "growing blood vessels". Presumably, if the only areas of growing blood cells are tumors, you might be able to get away with injecting someone who is allergic.

Or, assuming your friend is allergic to melittin and not one of the other fun things in a bee string, they might end up a writhing blob of agony.

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