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Comment Re:If we had flying cars... (Score 1) 951

These are cars:
These are aircraft:
These are flying car:

If you are still confused, here's some definitions.
Car: http://www.oxforddictionaries....
Aircraft: http://www.oxforddictionaries....
Flying car:

I fail to see where the term 'car' is being used to refer to something that flies.

Comment Re:If we had flying cars... (Score 1) 951

Something being 'technically able' to do something does not make it something else. Plane can fly. So can bird. Thus a bird must be a plane!

More relevant, plane can roll on runway, but they are not designed for continuous rolling. It simply is not designed to go on roads. If you want to transport a large number of people on a road, you use a bus, not an airplane. The fact that an airplane could technically carry a lot of people on a road does not make it a road vehicle--just like the fact that driving a hovercraft on a road does not make the hovercraft a car.

So, no. Planes are not 'flying cars'.

Out of curiosity, how much KPL/MPG would a plane get on a road? :P

Comment Re:If we had flying cars... (Score 1) 951

But those 'roads' are not shared between aircraft and cars (notwithstanding service vehicle).

When was the last time you drove on a runway or taxiway to get to work? How often do you see an aircraft on the highway?

You can sent me pictures of aircraft that had to land on roads for emergencies, but that does not make them cars.

Comment Re:If we had flying cars... (Score 1) 951

The definition of a car is one that stays primarily on a road. A flying car would be a vehicle that can be used on both roads and in the air. An aircraft is not meant to be used on roads. And no, a landing strip is not a road or else I should be able to drive my non-flying car on it.

Comment Re:No amount of evidence is enough (Score 1) 245

How about we listen to those who have studied the problems and have solutions to offer instead of sticking our head up our collective asses. I'm sure there's plenty you can do at your end.

We know that buying gas-guzzling SUV is bad for the environment. Before you start blaming the government for imposing legislations, please consider that the problem has been known for a while, but people feel that a status symbol is more important that the sustainability of our planet. We only have ourselves to blame.

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