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Comment Re:No Powerboost for Me (Score 1) 287

No, I hadn't been running any up till that point that day and don't distinctly remember running any in the days preceding... I was getting ready to upload a file via FTP to my webhost and decided to test my speed for kicks and giggles before starting it, and the result was as I described. (A side point, my FTP upload speed seems somehow capped by them as well. It'll start fast and then can never reach speeds above 46 kbps or so. Truly annoying.)

Submission + - Stephen Colbert Announces (Real?) Candidacy (

_Hiro_ writes: "Stephen Colbert announced his intent for the office of President of the United States last night. He is running in the North Carolina Primaries as both a Republican and a Democrat. The only question is whether this is for real, or yet another publicity stunt by Mr. Colbert."

Submission + - Review of Amazon's DRM-less music download store (

fdmendez writes: "Amazon's long awaited DRM-less music download store just hit the web, and, for a moment there, I thought it might have become vaporware. Thankfully, that didn't turn out to be the case, giving me a chance to put the store through its paces. Here's my review of the Amazon MP3 Download Store.

Amazon is going out on a limb here, offering DRM-less MP3 tracks at 256kbps at $0.89 per song. DRM-less music download stores have been done before, but they usually lack in music selection. Amazon is looking to change the music download world by giving users the opportunity to do anything they want with their music while offering a huge selection of both popular and unpopular/underground artists, but does it do this well?

Summary: Amazon one-ups the iTunes store in every way except for popularity. Never once did I find an album to be more expensive on the Amazon store in comparison to the iTunes store. The download experience was pleasant, and the lack of DRM truly makes it YOUR music. I don't know of any other download service that could top the Amazon MP3 store.

To read the in depth review, which discusses the Amazon MP3 store in greater detail, click here."


Submission + - Klingons to take on Furries in bowling match

An anonymous reader writes: Yes, you read the title right. BoingBoing reports that Atlanta will be hosting an epic bowling match pitting Furries versus Klingons. Who will dominate the pins, the brute or the cute? From the article,

"It's like Quadrophenia with furrs and trekkers instead of mods and rockers."

Submission + - Demonoid torrent tracker site shut down by CRIA 1

An anonymous reader writes: As of Tuesday, 25th September 2007, Demonoid is currently down, with no prior warnings from any moderators of the site. Both the main torrent page and the forum (fora) are no longer accessible. It is still possible to ping and trace the IP address of the site and it locates itself as in Canada. As of 6:45pm EST on 9-25-07, SSH and SMTP services are no longer active. has since reported this is due to legal actions from the CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association) who ordered Demonoid's ISP to shut down the site.
United States

Submission + - Dell goes to the Smithsonian

eck011219 writes: Michael Dell has donated his security badge and a couple of computers (old and new) to the Smithsonian Institution. From the article: "The objects will join an Altair computer, a first-generation IBM PC and an original Apple Macintosh in the museum's collection." The others are symbols of technological innovation — isn't Dell more a symbol of a successful business model?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - $8,648.64 "Value Meal" @ Burger King

PixieDust writes: Fox News and several other news agencies are reporting the story of a woman who was charged almost $9,000 for her ~$9 meal. She didn't even look at her receipt as she just signed it. Apparently she had the money in her account, so no flags went up, and it was some time before she noticed the $8,600 drain. Now she's having trouble paying rent, getting food, etc. The Burger King where it happened has "tried everything" to credit her account back the charges. Guess you really should check that receipt a little closer at the drive through.

Submission + - Mission Could Seek Out Spock's Home Planet

An anonymous reader writes: Science fiction may soon become science fact. ScienceDaily reports that astronomers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have recently concluded that the upcoming planet-finding mission, SIM PlanetQuest, would be able to detect an Earth-like planet around the star 40 Eridani, a planet familiar to Star Trek fans as Vulcan. 40 Eridani, a triple-star system 16 light-years from Earth, includes a red-orange K dwarf star slightly smaller and cooler than our sun.

Submission + - The Pirate Bay hacked, user data stolen

secretsather writes: "

Hi, we have some sad news, but don't be alarmed...

Some people (and yes, we know who) found a security hole on our web site (in fact, actually in this blog).

They have got a copy of the user database. That is, your username and passwords. But, the passwords are stored encrypted, so it's not a big deal, but it's still very sad that it's out there. All e-mails are for instance encrypted as well, they will most likely not be able to decrypt them either (they are _very_ encrypted).

We encourage all our users to change passwords as soon as possible — and if you have the same password on the bay as other places, you should update them as well.

Sorry for the mess, but we are all human and we miss something sometimes."

Submission + - Software to reassemble shredded documents

ddhuyvet writes: BBC News has a story on software developed by German scientists to reassemble shredded documents. The software will be used to piece together secret documents that where shredded by East Germany's secret police before reunification.

Some 16,250 sacks containing pieces of 45m documents were found and confiscated by authorities after the fall of the Berlin Wall in late 1989. Reconstruction work began on the paper fragments 12 years ago. In that time 24 people have only been able to reassemble the contents of 323 sacks. Now, however, computer software being employed by Berlin's Frauenhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology is set to speed up the process.

Submission + - Are you fat on the inside?

eZtaR writes: Discovery Channel News have a story which states that recent studies show that fat surrounding internal organs might be even more dangerous than regular obesity, and even though you don't seem fat with the naked eye, you might have large amounts of fat surrounding your internal organs. I guess it's the only time when some's said "It's what the inside that counts" it's actually been true..

Submission + - Does P=NP?

Santiago Aguiar writes: "A recent paper by Karlen Garnik Gharibyan address the issue of P=NP problems. As written in Wikipedia "The relationship between the complexity classes P and NP is an unsolved question in theoretical computer science. It is generally agreed to be the most important such unsolved problem.". Probaly one should remain skeptic until the paper is examined and validated by experts. But if it is so, then it's an enormous breakthrough."

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