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Comment Re:its not just an oopsie (Score 1) 254

Anyone who suspects that ANY big wig at Google/Reddit/Microsoft cannot simply go in and change things as they see fit for profit, legal or political reasons is deluded.

Data stored in services these companies run is used as legal evidence.
Reddit has publicly demonstrated that they can and will edit posts by users, and it cannot be determined if a user did or did not not post that content.
This can now be used to discredit any content on Reddit from admissibility from legal matters.

Comment Re:Why not Windows 10 Mobile on x86? (Score 1) 123

The idea is that x86 mobile with Continuum would allow single device convergence, though it could cannibalise existing Windows OS licensing & SA in the enterprise. There has been a movement towards Windows user licensing, so theoretically an x86 mobile phone that hooks up to an enterprise domain could require Windows SA and retain that income stream for MS. Would need a good dock for external monitors & peripherals. Useful also if they have voice smart switching between 4G, wifi, and ethernet via dock depending on location context.
We have a significant number of users where a single device would be sufficient, and it wold also provide extra business continuity functionality. IT asset management and cost management may be significantly simplified too.

Comment Re: Ballmer was correct (Score 1) 114

This is exactly what Microsoft needed to do, with the release of Windows 8 - it just took a few more years & iterations for mobile hardware to be capable enough to run Win10.

The OS should have been:
Win7 interface when docked with a screen.
Win 8 mobile interface when standalone.

Device consolidation is happening.
Microsoft could have been getting every single $$$ of our hardware budget in addition to the chunk of software licence/assurance revenue. They might be able to come in from behind if they can get compelling Win10 x86 compatible devices out with great a great docking system.

Comment Re:no dvr capability.. limited channels.. no local (Score 1) 121

That is what data caps are for. Or, you can pay an extra fee for unlimited data like I did. I pay 15 bucks extra for unlimited data at 25 (26) Mbits/s. That is fast enough for UHD Netflix.

You can't vote with your wallet if there is no other provider in your area.
If your ISP can degrade competing services to theirs without compunction they will do so - either they get your additional streaming service subscription dollars or you go without high-speed internet.

IMO content and service providers should be separated as completely as possible.

Comment Re:Should be recording all the time (Score 1) 65

The video would be an official record, which means retention schedules kick in - you can't just delete it because no one has asked for it yet.
It could quite easily be required to be kept for 2 / 6 /10 years.
Oh and they need to be managed, so you can search for the time/date/officer/location.

That 1TB per officer per fortnight could end up being a billion dollar information management system...

Comment Re:The fringe cases are still going to be hard (Score 1) 367

If a crash is unavoidable though, then it is safer for the passenger to hit a soft target like a crowd of people than something hard like a telephone pole. The passenger is much more likely to survive hitting a person than a brick wall but a human will usually choose the wall.

My instinct is to swerve *away* from a hard object and go for the open path (like a sidewalk), even if that turns out to be filled with soft humans. Those humans might see me coming and get out of the way, or at least be taken care of slightly by the pedestrian friendly bumper, and go over the top of the car.
A telephone pole is going to break my day.
I think you are wrong in this assessment.

Comment Re:Simple reason.... (Score 1) 310

I also have a Mazda 3 with navigation. You can self-update the music database using GraceNote, and the maps using Naviextras - both provided by Mazda.


Pretty good deal IMO. Navigation is usually very good too.

Comment Re:Not Netflix's fault (Score 1) 181

It's time for the government to step in and break up the cable/studio/isp's into their separate pieces again.

Separate into:
* internet wholesalers
* internet service providers
* content owners/content delivery

This would enable retail competition at the ISP level, reduce costs by removing the overbuilding of last mile infrastructure (hopefully allowing best-of-breed), and remove ISP specific content.

We were trying to do that in Australia, however a new government was elected and decided that the best-of-breed infrastructure (fibre) was too expensive to rollout, so now we're going to be lumbered with a bunch of high-cost last mile technologies, and a problem in getting the thing built within a budget where revenue exceeds costs.

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