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Comment Re:Is it just me to worry about the new Amazon? (Score 1) 49

No one has the cash to buy anything after being put out of work. Or the taxes get very high when people start turning to the er / jail / prison as there doctor.

Thus why lowering corporate tax rates are ridiculous - personal income is going to be slashed by automation, so where will governments get their income from if corporate rates are dropped?

Comment Re:Will they only make car batteries? (Score 4, Insightful) 201

The biggest individual cost for electric cars seems to be the batteries. Elon wants to replace combustion based vehicles with electric. He will need tens to hundreds of Gigafactories to meet demand, plus is also prioritising Powerwalls. I highly doubt the general purpose battery market is on the radar yet.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 280

Yup. Win10 uptime is well under a week, figure 3-5 days before a reboot. Typically a reboot that happens while the laptop is closed and your snug in a rug sleeping. Got the uptime up to 3-5 days by realizing I could restart Windows Explorer when it crashed, which it does 1-2 days in. Win10 is the buggiest, most unreliable PoS I've run in decades.

My Win10 install is a clean install, and is restarted whenever needed for updates. Can't remember the last time I had to manually restart. Windows explorer doesn't crash.
I suspect your hardware isn't up to scratch.

Comment Re:What I want to see... (Score 1) 105

if...the person in the car behind ... isn't paying 100% attention (they looked up for a second and saw the light was green, then look back down)... seems like a recipe for disaster.

You are correct, anytime where you aren't bothering to look at where your vehicle is heading could lead to disaster.
looking up at the road then back down again - (at what?) - just seems like poor driver behaviour.

Saw this recently in person, when an emergency vehicle with just flashing lights - no siren - was turning across an intersection in front of me. I could tell traffic was moving strangely and slowed down, then stopped when I saw the emergency vehicle - as did the car next to me. Unfortunately the driver of the car behind that person wasn't paying attention (yes it was a green light, why would anyone stop?) and ran into the back of her.

Comment Re:Net worth is over $86 trillion!!! (Score 1) 255

Stop it with the debt crap! And stop comparing the spending of money against the GDP instead of our overall total value!

Let's say you own property worth $1,000,000, you have $200,000 in total debt, and you make $180,000 a year. Would you worry about spending an extra $20,000 this year?

Those numbers are the US economic numbers translated to personal terms.

The NET worth of the US was over $86 trillion at the end of last year. That's value minus debt folks. Get real.

Federal income of $3.2T
Expenditure $3.7T
Deficit $0.5T, ~ 15% overspend.

If I'm making $180k, spending $210k and add another $20k on top of that to make $230k? Yes, I would be worrying about that.

Fiat currency is of course different to a home budget, so your analogy doesn't really work.

Comment Re:its not just an oopsie (Score 1) 254

Anyone who suspects that ANY big wig at Google/Reddit/Microsoft cannot simply go in and change things as they see fit for profit, legal or political reasons is deluded.

Data stored in services these companies run is used as legal evidence.
Reddit has publicly demonstrated that they can and will edit posts by users, and it cannot be determined if a user did or did not not post that content.
This can now be used to discredit any content on Reddit from admissibility from legal matters.

Comment Re:Why not Windows 10 Mobile on x86? (Score 1) 123

The idea is that x86 mobile with Continuum would allow single device convergence, though it could cannibalise existing Windows OS licensing & SA in the enterprise. There has been a movement towards Windows user licensing, so theoretically an x86 mobile phone that hooks up to an enterprise domain could require Windows SA and retain that income stream for MS. Would need a good dock for external monitors & peripherals. Useful also if they have voice smart switching between 4G, wifi, and ethernet via dock depending on location context.
We have a significant number of users where a single device would be sufficient, and it wold also provide extra business continuity functionality. IT asset management and cost management may be significantly simplified too.

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