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Comment Re:Hillary's a WITCH! Burn her! (Score 1) 526

why you think Hillary is such a terrible person?

Can you provide some concrete evidence of a terrible crime she has committed?

The (current) lack of a conviction is completely irrelevant.

The information management decisions and activities she appears to have performed indicate a lack of integrity and a skewed sense of ethics. I would expect you would want the leader of your country (I am not American) to be an aspiration to your people.

As a public servant myself, I would be summarily dismissed had I shown the same type of judgement in my work decisions and activities as Hilary Clinton did as Secretary of State.

Your election process however seems to have placed you between the proverbial 'rock & a hard place'.

Comment Re:The console advantage. (Score 1) 86

Granny just had to understand little Timmy has a PlayStation and this is a PlayStation title to buy him a birthday gift.

Right now Granny has to know which of the 4 versions of Playstations to target. Theoretically, the future would be just 'PlayStation' and the game will detect the capabilities of the console on which it is running and customise settings to cater for the setup.

Comment Re:Right after the end of the free Win10 upgrade (Score 1) 85

Bullshit. Windows 7 doesn't have tons of background crap running that nobody wants and it doesn't steal personal data or bandwidth like Windows 10.

Go shill somewhere else, M$ goon.

here I thought Slashdot was up in arms about the upgrading of Win7+ to include telemetry included in Win10?
KB3022345 Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry.
KB3068708 (replaces KB3022345) Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
KB3080149 Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry

Comment Re:But nothing about forcing them... (Score 1) 90

Dayum, you sound like our Prime Minister - Just a reminder that he is the one responsible for changing the planned national rollout of 'fibre to everywhere possible + wireless & satellite where not' to 'whatever old tech we find and throw at the wall'.

Comment Re: Pot meet kettle (Score 1) 110

Sounds like the city is acting in the best interests of its citizens - introduce competition to drive down pricing, yet retain concessions from the original monopoly. It looks like the city is going to review their agreements, so nothing more to see here until a decision is made - then we have something to talk about.

Comment Re:let me get this straight... (Score 1) 1017

The GOP presidential candidate is encouraging a hostile foreign power to intrude into US government data systems in the hopes of revealing evidence Clinton may have acted contrary to the interests of the United States. Have I got this right?

If I* understand correctly, the private email server setup by HRC was not a sanctioned US government data system. This would make your premise incorrect. Illegally accessing a single private person's email server should be pretty low in regards to repercussions, regardless of who that person is.

*As a foreigner from another hemisphere this is filtered significantly.

Comment Re:I used to love going to the theater (Score 1) 331

My local cinema has this, though hand-delivery requires a more expensive gold-class seat. They have a bar, kitchen for cooking hot food, comfortable wide seats, always clean, and have a great atmosphere. They also show major sporting events, where a ticket gets you a glass of wine/beer/soda, popcorn & ice cream or a small pizza, and of course you watch the game on the big screen.
It seems quite popular when compared to some of the other cinemas, so yes this does work.

Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1145

It is not a stretch to extrapolate increasing unemployment levels, so if UBI is not enough to keep people content then you will have a violent uprising. The obvious takeaway is that UBI should be better than poverty line living.
I guess though that, being the gun happy country you are, other measures may become appealing, as envisaged in movies such as The Running Man, and The Purge.

Comment Re:That huge cost (Score 4, Interesting) 1145

My main fear is the same as that of many others -- that too many people would simply choose not to work.

UBI should cover your needs. The incentive to get *further* ahead by working will have people wanting to work. The flip side is that automation needs to be removing jobs, drastically increasing productivity, and reducing consumer costs to that the UBI is sufficient.
The $3 trillion 'cost' will be taken from welfare, disability services, veteran services, social security, superannuation type agencies (all obsoleted under UBI), transportation (less traffic maintenance / expenditure on highways and roads as people are not commuting), DoD (more automation), IRS (lower requirements); the list could extend to every agency.
I'm not American, so not sure how many agencies/what names you have.

Comment Re:... Negative only on Intellect (Score 1) 729

My GF plays exclusively using a PC connected to our TV. Her laptop was getting a bit slow (GPU limited primarily) for some games, so I built her a new Skylake based desktop for Christmas last year. Even without a dedicated GPU it performed noticeably better than her laptop. Then. for only the extra cost of a low end GPU (~$125) it is now much better for games and should be fine for another couple of years.

If the console price is what you need to add to the price of a PC to make a "gaming" PC (for whatever that means to you) then it is not the same price as console gaming.

$125 extra is pretty cheap to make a PC into a 'gaming' PC. It's not high end, but she's only playing 1080p anyway, which is what current gen consoles are barely doing

They don't regularly work well with TVs for displays as they are seldom set up for using one (and TVs seldom for being connected to PCs).

Utter garbage. I first PC gamed on TVs with an NVIDIA RIVA 128 w/TV out in the late 90's. It's been progressively easier ever since, what with composite, then VGA,then DVI/HDMI inputs.

which if you knew anything about women you would know that is almost never a popular idea to have a loud gaming PC in the living room

Gaming PCs do not need to be loud. I cannot hear our 'gaming' PC at all. The only spindle is for media storage, which is indiscernible when you are watching something anyway.

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