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Comment Re:OOooOOOooh! They got CAUGHT! (Score 1) 117

It may help if you want to charge your device on an airplane - this is an obvious indicator that the battery has been checked and is ok to be charged.
If you use a red icon for a dangerous battery, a standard white icon then indicates that the battery has been checked and is fine, OR that that firmware has not been updated,and the battery has not been checked and may cause a fire.

Comment AI (Score 1) 46

Almost sounds like an AI that is still in the primitive type phase of 'flight or fight', focusing only on flight for now. Wait for a few more iterations of the AI core and it will have both sorted - along with how to play at being a dumb computer.
That's when the future of the world hangs in balance - is the AI annoyed at being arrested, or OK with "keeping the peace"?

Comment Re:Mobileye understands lit. Musk doesn't. (Score 1) 218

The average age of cars is 8-12 years, depending on your country. Self-driving cars will take a decade to become the norm after they completely replace unassisted cars in the marketplace, which is still years away simply due to immaturity of the technology and price to implement in the cheaper cars.

Comment Re:At what point do end-users become responsible (Score 1) 237

As a Win10 user, I'm annoyed at forced updates at inconvenient & strange times ( in primetime, while i'm playing a multiplayer game - really?), and that a whole bunch of telemetry is running, much of which I doubt is useful for maintaining security of my system. Let me set the time for updates, then stick to it.

Comment Re:A real Windows (Score 1) 177

It seems painstakingly obvious to do this - make an x86/Win10 phone - so there must be significant reasons that MS hasn't gone down this path.
I can only think that it would:

* cannibalise sales of other device types, (though a dock would be awesome)
* reduce/remove the potential to turn Windows OS into a subscription model

Really wish we knew what the dealbreaker was, I'm sure there's a chipset out there that would meet specs by now.

Comment Re:Why did they "cut them a break"? (Score 1) 77

You misunderstand my question.... I was asking why heavier penalties for false DMCA takedowns would make any difference when anytime high penalties for piracy are ever talked about around here, someone usually brings up the point that higher penalties for crimes is not an effective preventative.

You missed his answer about there currently being NO penalties, and the onus is on the accused to prove innocence.
A small inconvenience can be enough, when you send out tens to hundreds of thousands of automated notices.

Comment Re:Marriage or transgender? (Score 1) 85

Both of these cases are already met using official documentation (like a doctors cert. or marriage licence) and the appropriate 'change of name' form, where the reason is selected by the DMV officer in the registration and licensing system, which will automatically cancel the dual-identity flag by the facial recognition system.
In my (non-US) country, drivers licences are not issued on the spot, so you would retain your old licence until the new licence is received. This 'dual licence, dual name' setup is catered for in the system.

Source: works in a Transport department that maintains a custom registration and drivers licence system.

Comment Re:Hillary's a WITCH! Burn her! (Score 1) 528

why you think Hillary is such a terrible person?

Can you provide some concrete evidence of a terrible crime she has committed?

The (current) lack of a conviction is completely irrelevant.

The information management decisions and activities she appears to have performed indicate a lack of integrity and a skewed sense of ethics. I would expect you would want the leader of your country (I am not American) to be an aspiration to your people.

As a public servant myself, I would be summarily dismissed had I shown the same type of judgement in my work decisions and activities as Hilary Clinton did as Secretary of State.

Your election process however seems to have placed you between the proverbial 'rock & a hard place'.

Comment Re:The console advantage. (Score 1) 86

Granny just had to understand little Timmy has a PlayStation and this is a PlayStation title to buy him a birthday gift.

Right now Granny has to know which of the 4 versions of Playstations to target. Theoretically, the future would be just 'PlayStation' and the game will detect the capabilities of the console on which it is running and customise settings to cater for the setup.

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