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Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1127

It is not a stretch to extrapolate increasing unemployment levels, so if UBI is not enough to keep people content then you will have a violent uprising. The obvious takeaway is that UBI should be better than poverty line living.
I guess though that, being the gun happy country you are, other measures may become appealing, as envisaged in movies such as The Running Man, and The Purge.

Comment Re:That huge cost (Score 4, Interesting) 1127

My main fear is the same as that of many others -- that too many people would simply choose not to work.

UBI should cover your needs. The incentive to get *further* ahead by working will have people wanting to work. The flip side is that automation needs to be removing jobs, drastically increasing productivity, and reducing consumer costs to that the UBI is sufficient.
The $3 trillion 'cost' will be taken from welfare, disability services, veteran services, social security, superannuation type agencies (all obsoleted under UBI), transportation (less traffic maintenance / expenditure on highways and roads as people are not commuting), DoD (more automation), IRS (lower requirements); the list could extend to every agency.
I'm not American, so not sure how many agencies/what names you have.

Comment Re:... Negative only on Intellect (Score 1) 726

My GF plays exclusively using a PC connected to our TV. Her laptop was getting a bit slow (GPU limited primarily) for some games, so I built her a new Skylake based desktop for Christmas last year. Even without a dedicated GPU it performed noticeably better than her laptop. Then. for only the extra cost of a low end GPU (~$125) it is now much better for games and should be fine for another couple of years.

If the console price is what you need to add to the price of a PC to make a "gaming" PC (for whatever that means to you) then it is not the same price as console gaming.

$125 extra is pretty cheap to make a PC into a 'gaming' PC. It's not high end, but she's only playing 1080p anyway, which is what current gen consoles are barely doing

They don't regularly work well with TVs for displays as they are seldom set up for using one (and TVs seldom for being connected to PCs).

Utter garbage. I first PC gamed on TVs with an NVIDIA RIVA 128 w/TV out in the late 90's. It's been progressively easier ever since, what with composite, then VGA,then DVI/HDMI inputs.

which if you knew anything about women you would know that is almost never a popular idea to have a loud gaming PC in the living room

Gaming PCs do not need to be loud. I cannot hear our 'gaming' PC at all. The only spindle is for media storage, which is indiscernible when you are watching something anyway.

Comment Re:Just follow the rules (Score 1) 364

Legislate the rules first so that if anyone complains (next of kin I guess) they can be pointed to as the law.
I was thinking that maybe the 1.5th law of robotics is to minimise harm to humans where it cannot fully remove the probability of harm, however the interpretation of 'minimise' is too ambiguous.

Comment Re:If they pay the license fee (Score 1) 230

You cannot force a company to sell licenses for a software they don't support anymore

You can in Australia.

and maintain staff to maintain a piece of software the revenues cannot justify to.

This however appears true.

There is no law that state you must sell and support a piece of software forever.

The copyright act of Australia includes sections on being able to acquire a licence for software where the licence is not being sold. I added details about this further down.
Support however is an entirely different notion, and is not covered.

Comment Re: If they pay the license fee (Score 1) 230

Part VI has some also (~pg 400):

Application to Tribunal in relation to licences
Refusal or failure to grant licence under licence scheme
(4) An organization that claims that it is representative of persons requiring licences in cases to which a licence scheme does not apply (including cases where a licence scheme has not been formulated or is not in operation) and:
(a) that a licensor has refused or failed to grant the licences, or to procure the grant of the licences, and that in the circumstances it is unreasonable that the licences should not be granted; or
(b) that a licensor proposes that the licences should be granted subject to the payment of charges, or to conditions, that are unreasonable;
may apply to the Tribunal under this section.

Order dealing with application under subsection (4),
(6C) If the Tribunal is satisfied that the claim of an applicant under subsection (4) is well-founded, the Tribunal must either:
(a) make an order specifying, in respect of the matters specified in the order, the charges, if any, and the conditions, that the Tribunal considers reasonable in the circumstances in relation to persons who:
(i) are specified in the order (whether by reference to a class or otherwise); and
(ii) were represented by the applicant or were parties to the application; or
(b) order that a licence be granted, in the terms proposed by the applicant, the licensor concerned or another party to the application, to each person who:
(i) is specified in the order (whether by reference to a class or otherwise); and
(ii) was represented by the applicant or was a party to the application.

Definition of refusal or failure to grant a licence
(7) A reference in this section to a failure to grant a licence, or to procure the grant of a licence, shall be read as a reference to a failure to grant the licence, or to procure the grant of the licence, as the case may be, within a reasonable time after a request to do so.

Comment Re:Rent Seeking (Score 1) 167

Garbage trucks weigh around 64,000 pounds over 3 axles = 21,000 pounds per axle. Average car weight is 4,000 pounds over 2 axles = 2000 pounds per axle. Road damage is approximately proportional to the fourth power of the axle weight. Now, 21/2 = 10.5. 10.5*10.5*10.5*10.5 ~= 12,000.

Parent underestimates the impact - a single garbage truck has more than 10,000 times the impact to roads than a car.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 255

I don't understand why these were even designed as separate things?! Your Microsoft account should display XBox related items when using your XBox, PC related items when using your PC, and Mobile related items when using your Windows Phone. If a product is available on multiple platforms, it should presented on those platforms when you have bought it - regardless of what device you bought it on. The interface should be tailored to the capability of the device you are using - touch, gamepad, mouse + keyboard, voice, gestures. Why is this so difficult to define, design, and implement ?

Comment Re:Unsurprising (Score 2, Interesting) 78

What I don't understand is Microsoft *not* doubling down on the emerging market of dockable phones replacing desktops, laptops, and tablets. An x86 compatible phone running full Windows and able to run all those Windows desktop apps could be the desktop replacement item of choice for many roles in enterprises.
My current PC runs mostly web based apps, doesn't do any real local processing, and has a 1.4GHz CoreM CPU, 8GB RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Phone hardware is perilously close to meeting / exceeding all of these...

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