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Submission + - Up To 1.5 Million Visa, MasterCard Credit Card Numbers Stolen

An anonymous reader writes: Global Payments, the U.S.-based credit card processor company that experienced a security breach affecting plastic issued from Visa and MasterCard, today confirmed that the breached portion of its processing system was confined to North America. The company also finally revealed how many credit card numbers were stolen: less than 1,500,000.

Comment Re:Uhh, no (Score 1) 82

Good luck with simulating pulling the mic cord out of the guitar output jack and using it as a pick while it's still hot.

I want to know what the hell the microphone cord is doing plugged into the guitar output in the first place. Nevermind that you're also talking about an XLR vs 1/4" plug disparity...

Even if we ignore the discrepancies and assume it should read "...pulling the cord out of the guitar output jack..." the result would be... silence. I don't believe the sound of an unplugged electrical guitar could be heard in the rest of the band still playing at full volume.

Comment Re:Bad Article or Worst System Ever? (Score 2) 112

There seems to be some confusion because TFA doesn't cite its source correctly (emphasis mine).

A field test conducted outside the building located at 82 Boulevard Lascrosses demonstrates how the system will function. Here, sensors have been placed just below the surface of the road under half a dozen parking spaces. The high-tech probes, which are mounted 25 centimeters (9 inches) apart on a coaxial cable a hand's width under the bitumen


The information gathered is sent to a server, which can keep track of around 2,500 to 3,000 sensors.


  • there are only a few sensors buried at this time.
  • The server they use can keep track of about 3,000 sensors.
  • In the future they will be able to monitor all 15,000 parking spots.

Comment Re:frequency converter drives ? (Score 3, Informative) 334

They control the speed of the centrifuges that extract the enriched uranium. From TFA:

Stuxnet targets specific frequency converter drives — power supplies that are used to control the speed of a device, such as a motor.

[...] the centrifuges need to spin at a precise speed for long periods of time in order to extract the pure uranium. If those centrifuges stop to spin at that high speed, then it can disrupt the process of isolating the heavier isotopes in those centrifuges . . . and the final grade of uranium you would get out would be a lower quality.

Comment Re:EOL XP already... (Score 1) 458

Based on the cost of Windows XP ($260). And based on the cost of other OSes that come with no support ($0), in my estimation, the $260 should get me approximately 20 years of support for XP at the rate of approximately $1.50 a month, which is actually pretty high to pay in terms of support for any general software product.

No it's not. Look at the support rates for other software products. Many of them come with no support and/or updates at all. Support rates frequently range from 20% to 50% of the original price per year.

Or, to follow up your comparison with "OSes that come with no support", I have not seen anyone who supports a Linux installation for $1.50 per month.

Comment Re:Novel? (Score 2, Interesting) 228

Some devices call out instructions like "take the third left" when there are several intersections close together, so that "in 200 meters turn left" would be ambiguous. Come to think about it, on my way home from work there is such a place where my GPS tells me to "take the third left" although there are no other intersections. They simply labeled two garages as roads. I always thought of this as a simple error in the map data, but now...

Comment Re:Privacy laws (Score 1) 318

Not even receive. In Germany it is illegal for you to receive radio transmissions that you are not the intended recipient of. For example, you cannot listen to air traffic control radio if you are not a pilot or ATC. IANAL, so I cannot tell where accidental reception (which is not illegal) stops and intentional reception (which is) starts, but the law is clear that you must not receive communications that are not intended for you.

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