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Comment Re:CESM (Score 1) 50

Not a football guy by any means, but an average European rugby player would have a hard time making the cut at a D-1 college let alone in the NFL. Considering how obscene the money is in American pro sports (only F-1 and the top tier international football teams pay more) there don't appear to be too many people making the transition from European sports to the NFL. We do however readily accept the cream of the world's crop into the NBA, MLB and NHL on a fairly regular basis.

Comment Re:Not illegal (Score 1) 205

A person sitting next to you on a park bench listening to you talk doesn't invade your privacy because you know he is there. A person listening to you over a microphone installed on the back side of the very same bench when you appear to be alone does.


In the above you/your are presumed to be plural, but it may be more entertaining to include the singular aspect as well.

Comment Re:Rule of law (Score 0) 491

If they're so civilized the government shouldn't have a problem letting the fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles etc... of the 77 victims have some alone time with him one at a time. If one of them chooses to be less than civil the good news is the prison would have an empty cell/room/suite (whatever they call their rehabilitative accommodations up there, vacation rental?) they could move into on short notice.

Comment Re:Hate to agree (Score 1) 209

I tend to work on making new games for old consoles. I know I can't put a roof over my head doing that no matter how much I enjoy it. That doesn't stop me from doing it in my spare time while I work a REAL job.

But that doesn't mean you have to allow other people (including "incorporated" people) to make money off your work.

Wait, what just happened there, did I advance the argument for the music industry?

Comment Re:What about 187 million drones? (Score 1) 176

That's 187 million drone years to cause one (1) air to air injury. Taking the average mortality rate of being a human on planet earth of ~12/1000 you could expect 2 1/4 million of your drone pilots to die in the course of one year while only having a 50% probability of causing 1 commercial aircraft injury/fatality.

So that puts the expected score for the Deadly Drones of 0.5 to 2.25 million against.

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