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Comment Apples and Oranges (Score 4, Insightful) 511

Way to go, you've published another bullshit article about the end of something. By that rationale, I should be able to say something like "the number of wrist watches in the world are far more than apple devices". Or, for that matter, "the number of actual apples (fruit) in the world are far more than apple devices". Please keep this bullshit off of slashdot!

Comment My first thought (Score 1) 271

I absolutely agree. When I saw the first pictures on engadget the other day, I thought to myself "man, that keyboard has gone to hell. Where are the page-up (etc) buttons?". They've taken what was arguably the only remaining good laptop (w.r.t ergonomics) and flushed it down the toilet.

Comment Re:Statistics (Score 1) 356

I wrote half of an ETL tool at my previous employer for the same reason, there was nothing out there. Of course, I couldn't open-source that... By "half" I mean that, while it was certainly an ETL tool, it only supported the subset of operations we needed. This is also fun, because it teaches you things about databases that you might not encounter otherwise, as pushing millions of rows into a database isn't necessarily a "normal" use-case that you'd otherwise encounter. If you focus on the E and L parts, you can make the T part pluggable, if you like.

Comment Re:OBD reader/logger (Score 2) 356

Actually, just the logger for this might not be a bad idea. The concept of a "good gui" goes infinitely further than "something with a database", but I think a lot of people would be interested in this. Ask people in the autocross/gymkhana communities. You'll want to correlated it to things like GPS and g-force sensors. Could be very interesting. I've seen real-time systems like this, but it might be VERY interesting to do this for a complete analysis after a run.

Comment Statistics (Score 5, Interesting) 356

How about something fun, like filesystem statistics? Keep track of the most used files to make sure you spread the disk and your mental load equally. Quite possibly useless, but could be fun to do. The hooks into the FS might be the hardest part about this, though.

Write a generic ETL app. Quite useful. Might be many out there, though. Probably few good free ones..

Or something that converts a (well known) log format into database entries for the purpose of easier statistics than what grep can provide?.
For instance, take a webserver log, dump it into the database and generate something like a visitation path..
The database isn't technically needed for this, of course, but with a large dataset, you can't keep it all in memory, so it would be useful..

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