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Comment Re:Could we at least make them a different color? (Score 2) 144

The new USB 3.0 cables are supposed to have a different logo embossed on them containing an "SS" connected to the old USB "tree" logo. - See section 5.5.6 of the USB 3.0 spec.

USB 3.0 ports and the plastic bit inside the cable connectors are supposed to be color coded blue (Pantone 300C is recommended) - See section of the USB 3.0 spec.

Comment Re:So all 5 of you running Safari on Windows (Score 1) 284

Don't forget all of the other software out there that uses the same Webkit rendering engine as Safari. There could be many more vulnerable programs. And many more users at risk.

Since win32k.sys is the kernel mode driver portion of the win32 subsystem, any exploit that runs in it runs in kernel mode. Very nasty.

Comment Re:Isn't this more like a FAX? (Score 4, Interesting) 123

Well, Telautograph (the company that made these) was bought out by OMNIFax (which later became part of Danka). I used to fix these machines. And they were in use at least to the mid 1990's. Hospitals used them to send prescriptions from the ER to the pharmacy. This allowed a doctor to write out a prescription and have it simultaneously written out in the pharmacy in their own handwriting. The machines were pure analog and were a pain to adjust and maintain. A pair of rheostats encoded the pen position and a switch sensed when it was pressed to the paper. The signal was encoded and sent to the receiver where a pair of servo solenoids replicated the movement of the pen.

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