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The Internet

Submission + - "Anonymous" protests Scientology worldwide

Anonymous writes: "Yesterday, on what would have been Lisa McPherson's 48th birthday, thousands of "Anonymous" protested Scientology in dozens of locations around the globe. The protest effort, loosely organized on wikis, IRC channels, and the *chan websites, began as a DDoS attack in response to the Church's issuance of takedown notices against a leaked promotional video featuring Tom Cruise. Since Slashdot last covered it, it's been featured in Newsweek, on the front page of MSNBC, on USA Today, the LA Times, and even the St. Petersburg Times. A forum thread contains videos from Hong Kong to Dallas to Dublin; the Boston Globe has a particularly evocative of some protesters with signs and Guy Fawkes masks."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Advertisements cause terrorism scare in Boston

jesboat writes: "A while ago, Turner Communications posted a bunch of circuit-board-like things with cartoon characters on them around Boston to advertise for Aqua Teen Hunger Force . Today, after two to three weeks, however, somebody noticed and called the police. The result: a terrorism scare, with Boston police, MBTA police, homeland security, and other law enforcement agents running about Boston, shutting down major highways, removing all the devices, and finding all—10 so far—harmless. More info at CBS4 news (has pictures), The Boston Globe (most informative), or Google News (hundreds of articles and counting). Mayor Thomas Menino and Governor Deval Patrick are outraged."
Operating Systems

Submission + - ESR on Desktop Linux: 2008 Deadline

jesboat writes: "Eric S. Raymond and Rob Landley co-authored an essay about the rise of 64-bit computing and what the Linux community must do to achieve dominance. From the essay, entitled "World Domination 201" (in response to Linus Torvald's former "World Domination 101" lectures),
"Idealism about open formats will not solve our multimedia problem in time; in fact, getting stuck on either belief in the technical superiority of open source or free-software purism guarantees we will lose. The remaining problems aren't technical ones, and none of the interesting patents will expire before the end of 2008. We've got to ship something that works now. If we let this be a blocking issue preventing overall Linux adoption during the transition window, we won't have the userbase to demand changes in the laws to untangle the screwed up patent system, or even prevent it from getting worse. It's a chicken and egg problem, demanding a workaround until a permanent solution can be achieved. We can't set the standards until after we take over the world."
It's definitely worth a read."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Students builds a PowerBook tablet

jesboat writes: "A mech-e undergrad at USC recently decided to build his own tablet PowerBook using a titanium PowerBook and parts from a Wacom tablet. From endgadget's article, "The result, two days later, was a a fully functional PowerBook tablet, with a touch-sensitive section. From what we can tell, he also added in a feature so that you can draw words (such as 'google') and then use a gesture stroke to load that particular page. Watch out Jobs, hackers are always a step ahead." (Apple is rumored to be developing a Mac tablet for release next year.) Videos included!"
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Nerdiest game

jesboat writes: "It is most nerdy to play:
  — Halo
  — Minesweeper
  — Packman
  — H-games"

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