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Comment Re:GTFO. (Score 4, Interesting) 575

The problem though, and the point people are missing (I think, though maybe I'm giving Holder too much credit) is that when they do get a warrant, they still can't access the data. Again, maybe I'm giving them too much credit, but law enforcement should be able to get a warrant and then access that data, through a legal search and seizure. At least the way it's being reported, with iOS 8 even if law enforcement brought a legal warrant to Apple, Apple wouldn't be able to decrypt the data. Won't be long before Google and Microsoft follow suit.

I know, I know, the Slashdot response will be "but NSA!" So be it.

Comment Re:Currency vs. bank (Score 2) 357

This argument is completely flawed. Using a currency like dollars is inherently safer because it is backed by the government of the United States. Consumer protections exist (in the form of the FDIC) that ensure that if you choose an institution that fails, your deposits are insured and will be returned to you. There is no such protection for Bitcoin, or any other crypto currency that lacks any form of backing. The reason that banks don't deal with crypto currency is that it's too risky. An asset that can gain/lose 30% of it's value in a given day isn't very worthwhile to a bank.

Comment Re:Hyper-V or vSphere. (Score 3, Informative) 191

As such, Hyper-V and SystemCenter would provide you with a fairly good experience that is easy to manage and automatically deploy based off of Active Directory. It is a solution that will likely meet all of your stated requirements and your other likely needs and wants in a package that is "good enough".

As long as your definition of "good enough" includes endless problems with Linux guests.

A couple of years ago, you would have been right. Anything with a 3.0 or above kernel has all of the Hyper-V modules in the kernel. For CentOS or RHEL, you can use the integration tools. I run about a dozen Linux machines on our Hyper-V cluster without any issues.

Comment Re: Uh, I get this with lacp (Score 1) 150

No need for expensive Cisco equipment. I have cheap Net gear switches that are completely LACP capable, and some cheap Realtor adapters support teaming now. It's more a driver issue than anything. If cell manufacturers designed their equipment and built the right drivers, you could easily dynamically team a cell and wifi connection.

Comment Re:Not possible any more (Score 2) 368

Alright. I took between two and three classes a quarter, worked full time as the Information Systems Director for a non-profit, and have a one year old (he was one when I started). I was able to do it, with the required study time, papers, projects, etc. I also volunteer with a non-profit that takes me out of the country for a couple weeks at a time every six months or so.

Was I tired most of the time? Yep. Was it hard to balance everything sometimes? Yep. Was I able to do it? Yep. Maybe I'm getting old, but I'm tired of all the kids out there that whine about having to work hard. Nobody owes you anything. Get out there and work hard for the things you want in life.

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