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Submission + - Netflix Breaks New Global Licensing Ground With 2017 CBS Star Trek Series

An anonymous reader writes: Netflix has announced that it has secured a deal to stream every episode of the new Star Trek TV series within 24 hours of its original network broadcast. However neither U.S. nor Canadian subscribers are included in the deal, which otherwise covers every territory that Netflix operates in worldwide. Stateside viewers will be able to stream the new show via CBS’s own All Access digital subscription video-on-demand and live streaming service, with Canadian streaming provisions yet to be announced. The deal represents a potential major step forward in the company's determination to bypass regional licensing, and at one stroke eliminates the typical years of delay that occur when a U.S. program seeks foreign audiences.

Comment Too many LED lamps are tweaked for the CRI (Score 1) 1

Many LED manufacturers exploit the flaws in the way how the CRI value is determined to get a high CRI value for their still poor performing LED lamp regarding color quality. The CRI is purely used a marketing instrument and is not a reliable indication for color quality when applied for LED lights.

Solar Impulse Plane Begins Epic Global Flight 65

An anonymous reader sends word that the Solar Impulse 2 airplane has begun its attempt to fly round-the-world powered by nothing but the sun. "A record-breaking attempt to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane has got under way from Abu Dhabi. The aircraft — called Solar Impulse-2 — took off from the Emirate, heading east to Muscat in Oman. Over the next five months, it will skip from continent to continent, crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in the process. Andre Borschberg was at the controls of the single-seater vehicle as it took off at 07:12 local time (03:12 GMT). He will share the pilot duties in due course with fellow Swiss, Bertrand Piccard. The plan is to stop off at various locations around the globe, to rest and to carry out maintenance, and also to spread a campaigning message about clean technologies."

Submission + - Color Rendering Index (CRI) is not reliable when used for LED lamps 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. It has been found that the CRI is not reliable when used for LED lamps.

One of the problems is that a LED lamp can be tweaked to give a high CRI value while the color quality can still be bad. Also LED lamps with a good color quality with high saturated colors can result in a low CRI value.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed the Color Quality Scale (CQS) that it believes will offer a superior indication of color quality compared to CRI specifications.

Recently one of the largest independent lamp measurement labs in Europe started using the CSQ in all of their new lamp measurements. They also published an very informative video Color Quality Scale (CQS): Measuring the color quality of light sources which explains the problems with the CRI and why the CQS is better suited for LED lamps.

Submission + - River of blood exposed by Dallas Drone (

garymortimer writes: "I was looking at images after the flight that showed a blood red creek and was thinking, could this really be what I think it is? Can you really do that, surely not? Whatever it is, it was flat out gross. Then comes the question of who do I report this to that can find out what it is and where it is coming from.

Search after search and even some phone calls and I am not finding anything on who to call until I find the Nation Response Center. With their website saying that they are “the sole national point of contact for reporting all oil, chemical, radiological, biological and etiological discharges into the environment, anywhere in the United States and its territories” this sure seems like the correct place to start."


Submission + - Ruby on Rails Developer - Why it's a technology to (

danieljackson09 writes: "Ruby on Rails, more informally referred to as Rails, has made quite a splash in the open source tech community since its release in July of 2004. Although many wondered how durable it really is, we're experiencing the calm and yet it is still managing to prove its endurance.

Firstly, in order to understand Rails' benefits, we must first understand what it is. Rails is considered a tool for developers creating web sites and web applications. What it essentially does is provide a framework, giving structure for their code.

Just like any other technology there are going to be some advantages and disadvantages of using it. Luckily for Innoppl, Ruby on Rails advocates have come up with very inventive ways of combating any disadvantages, which we entirely support.

Main advantages are :
One of the main benefits of Rails is the ease of use for developers. One of the aspects that most illustrates that is the Convention over Configuration (CoC) concept. This means the developer only needs to write code for the places in which the application he/she is creating needs something above what the basic code provides.

This efficiency is possible with the help of RubyGems. This is an online repository of packaged Ruby applications or libraries that any developer has access to. Furthermore, because Ruby is structured this way, it enables developers to be able to pick up where another left off with ease. It decreases the amount of extra documentation that needs to be created with each project.
Another attractive benefit of Rails is that since Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson to aid in the construction of Basecamp, it can handle building large applications.

Some minor disadvantages with responses include :

Your current website host may not be able to support your new Rails site. However, there are a couple options for that. Firstly, although the host you now use may not support your new site, there are other hosts that can like Heroku and EngineYard. Another option is to use a Virtual Private Server. This option allowsyou to have full control of your server and assign resources as you see fit. Examples of VPS's are Linode, Slicehost, and Amazon EC2, and your friendly Innoppl techie can take care of this for you.

Longevity has always been of heavy concern as well. Although many see a concern for this, Innoppl does not. A combination of the Rails communities continued growthand the appearance of more Rails resources is proof positive of Ruby on Rails' intended stability.

Basically, these innovative Developers are powered with a notable technology, loads of talent and strongly advocate the Agile Web Development method, a development method intended to provide effective communication between the developers and their clients. Considering these details, and continued adoption, you really can't go wrong.



Submission + - Russian scientist sees Life on Venus from 1982 lan (

flergum writes: Leonid Ksanfomaliti, an astronomer based at the Space Research Institute of Russia’s Academy of Sciences, analyzed photographs taken by a Russian landing probe during a 1982 — and while the 30 year lag in analyzing the data hints at some Vodka holidays, is there life out there? Ksanfomaliti says the Russian photographs depict objects resembling a “disk,” a “black flap” and a “scorpion.” This news can rock you like a hurricane.

Submission + - Stephen Hawking's Greatest Unsolved Mystery? ( 1

K7DAN writes: "Theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking was interviewed for the New Scientist magazine upon his 70th birthday and asked all kinds of questions about the origin of the universe, quantum theory and the like. The last question was the most profound. "What do you think most about during the day." Answer: "Women. They are a complete mystery.""

Submission + - Is Nuclear Energy the Solution? 1

An anonymous reader writes: When problems such as greenhouse gases or the imminent energy crisis are brought up in conversation, nuclear energy is often cited as a solution. The advantages are apparently easy to quantify. According to many, nuclear energy is a near boundless source of energy and does not have the disadvantage of CO2. emissions.

However, thorough research has shown that these common assumptions are not at all correct. The average nuclear power plant doesn’t start producing energy for 10 years. Over its lifetime it produces more than one million tons of CO2. and ultimately very little in the way of net energy. So why are we still investing in nuclear energy, isn't it a passed station?

Submission + - Hacker breaks into Flordia wind turbine systems ( 1

angry tapir writes: "Claiming revenge for an "illegitimate firing," someone has posted screenshots and other data, apparently showing that he was able to break a 200 megawat wind turbine system owned by NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light. The data was posted to the Full Disclossure security mailing list anonymously, by someone using the name "Bgr R.""

Submission + - Internet Explorer 10 Drops Vista Support (

Pigskin-Referee writes: This week at Microsoft's MIX11 Web developer conference, the company surprised many by making a pre-release version of Internet Explorer 10 available—less than a month after IE9 came out in its final form. But another surprise was uncovered by Computerworld's Gregg Keizer: the next IE won't run on any OS before Windows 7, including Vista.

Microsoft took some heat when it came out that Internet Explorer 9 would leave millions of Windows XP users in the lurch, as the new browser would only run on Windows 7 and Vista. But the company confirmed that IE10 won't even run on Vista. In a statement to Computerworld, the company said "Windows Vista customers have a great browsing experience with IE9, but in building IE10 we are focused on continuing to drive the kind of innovation that only happens when you take advantage of the ongoing improvements in modern operating systems and modern hardware."

Submission + - Emissions-Free Transport for Shipping Containers ( 1

jeroen8 writes: A Dilemma of Economic Growth: How can economic growth in the area of transportation be managed in a manner consistent with the moderation or reduction in the rate of climate change? After all, it is a given that economic growth will require a greater capacity to transport and an intensification in the use of existing infrastructure. With transportation options currently available, it does not appear to be feasible to make progress on the emissions front merely by making greater use of the infrastructure now in place. Unless real alternatives are developed, this state of affairs will continue far into the future. Apparently an insoluble dilemma. A Dutch guy came up with a simple solution during a price contest: Stevelduct. The concept is to re-use a centuries old concept of "Stevelen" combined with an aqua-duct for transporting containers.

Submission + - Google Modifies HTTP, Makes Chrome 50% Faster (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has quietly added support for SPDY in its Chrome browser and all its web servers. SPDY was developed by Google to replace and/or complement parts of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) that cause latency. For example, SPFY supports an unlimited number of data streams via a single TCP connection, it can prioritize requests and compress request and response HTTP headers. Other than HTTP, it also allows servers to push data to clients without a corresponding client request. Google said that pageload performances increased by more than 60% in some cases. All current Chrome versions and all Google sites support SPDY.

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