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Comment Re:Broken? More like fixed. (Score 1) 773

That's not as simple as you make it sound. Friends, family, schools, kids, jobs, money, opportunity. These things all have to be in alignment in order to simply "up and move" to a more agreeable state. If <insert southern state here> were to reinstitute segregation, do you think all the people affected or offended by this would be able to, or should be expected to, uproot their lives like that and move?

It's absurd to expect people to move from state-to-state like they are simply not stopping at BP ever again.

Yeah! No one who has ever moved to America uprooted their lives, cause that would be too hard! I mean, you should never have to do anything that might be the slightest bit troubling to fight or flee oppression.

Comment Before I *consider* paying... (Score 4, Interesting) 425

I would want to know the length and depth of the article, and a summary of exactly what the article will cover.

So, a free 1 paragraph summary, with word count, and a depth rating (1 for glossover, 5 for deep technical dive, perhaps). No crummy misleading headlines, and it would also have to have a "reused/rehashed" rating, to determine how much is just a recap of old news. These ratings would need to be done by a 3rd party, or would need to be a summary of the article reader feedback, with no way for the news producer to manipulate them.

I also want permanent access to it, to be part of my "pool" of information that I have purchased, so I can refer to it whenever I like. Oh, and no blocking of print, or cut&paste. No funky formats or DRM, to prevent media/device shifting. A workable micropayments system also would be necessary, not some junk like paypal.

So once you have that ready, let me know.

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