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Male Brains 'Wired for Videogame Obsession' 125

thinkzinc notes a story indicating that, according to a new study, men have a harder time putting down a controller than women do. Researchers at Stanford did brain imaging work on a group of young test subjects while they played a simple PC game. Besides the 'obvious' conclusion that men were more 'aggressive at gaining territory on the screen', the tests also indicated that male brains showed more activity in the reward and addiction components of the brain. "The lead author, Dr. Allan Reiss, noted that most of the video games that are popular with men are territory and aggression-type games. 'These gender differences in the brain may help explain why males are more attracted to, and more likely to become hooked on video games than females,' he said. Other recent surveys indicate that about 40 percent of Americans regularly play games on a computer or console, but young males are two or three times more likely than females to feel addicted to video games, Reiss said. "

Microsoft Responds to 'Save XP' Petition 440

DaMassive writes "Computerworld Australia is running a story with a response from Microsoft to Infoworld's SAVE XP petition Web site, which has gathered over 75,000 signatures so far. Apparently Microsoft is aware of the petition, but says it is "listening first and foremost to feedback we hear from partners and customers about what makes sense based on their needs, that's what informed our decision to extend the availability of XP initially, and what will continue to guide us" — a somewhat strange response given that the vast majority of people signing the petition ARE Microsoft customers! The Save XP movement has attracted the attention of the software giant, despite its claims that Vista has sold more than 100 million copies and its adoption rate is in line with the company's expectations. "We're seeing positive indicators that we're already starting to move from the early adoption phase into the mainstream and that more and more businesses are beginning their planning and deployment of Windows Vista," the company said. Nevertheless vendors such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Fujitsu, and more recently NEC, all offer the opportunity to downgrade to XP Pro."

Submission + - Hewlett Packard's Dunn Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

GogglesPisano writes: CNN reports that former HP chairwoman Patricia Dunn will plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of fraudulent wire communications stemming from her involvement in last year's corporate eavesdropping scandal. The original charges, four felony counts, were reduced to misdemeanors in exchange for a plea bargain. Her three co-defendents are expected to receive 96 hours of community service; in Dunn's case this sentence is likely to be waived due to illness.
So, apparently Dunn will face no punishment for her disgraceful role in orchestrating this debacle. Another case of separate legal standards for the rich and powerful?

Changing The World With Videogames 33

Will Wright gave the keynote address at the Texas SXSW event, showing off Spore to a packed crowd and offering up hopes that 'Toys' will change the world. His hope is that offerings like Spore might force kids to rethink their understandings of nature. Likewise, non-linear storytelling via 'branching' gaming is what he sees as the future of the medium. He cites the movie Groundhog Day as an example, a movie which told the same story over and over again but never did it the same way twice. "'I think if we can teach the computer to listen to the story that players are telling,' Wright said, a game could detect patterns of what the player wants, and adjust music, lighting, and other immersive elements to reflect the story that a player wants to play. He thinks this modeling would best be accomplished by networks that constantly mine and refine player information." Alice, of the Wonderland blog, helpfully provides extensive notes, and Kotaku has a video of the demo the attendees saw.

Tracking the Password Thieves 112

wiredog writes "From The Washington Post, yet another story about phishers, keyloggers, and viruses. The story is nothing new, but the author has a blog where he describes how he gathered the information that went into the story. Information including the locations of the victims, and the ISPs likeliest to be hit. Some of the victims included "an engineer for the Architect of the Capitol" and a man who "works in computer security for IBM." One victim "was fresh out of college, where he'd just earned a degree in information security. (He was actively looking for a job in the field; I suggested he may want to go back to the classroom.)" A compromised machine was also found in "the new accounts department at Bank of America" (Score!)"

Submission + - Asus make laptop fit for Iraq

An anonymous reader writes: According to who are out at CeBIT in Germany, Asus has made a laptop that is specifically designed for use on the battlefield."Codenamed the Rugged Military NB, it's designed for those fighting in extreme conditions, like the desert. It complies with the IP54 standard, which means the chassis is virtually impervious to sand and water." From the pictures it looks like this thing runs on Vista so while the laptop may be ruggedized, I'm not sure I'd want to be stuck out in the field with such a fragile OS.

Submission + - SanDisk 2.5-inch 32GB SSD

Vinit writes: "SanDisk has launched a 2.5-inch solid state drive with a storage capacity of 32GB. Designed for laptops as a hard drive replacement, these drives are introduced just two months after the firm introduced 1.8-inch SSD. Based on NAND flash, the SanDisk SSD SATA 5000 2.5" includes the company's patented TrueFFS flash management technology. It achieves a sustained read rate of 67-megabyte (MB)/sec and a random read rate of 7000 inputs/outputs per second (IOPS) for a 512-byte transfer. The drive boost faster Vista boot time (30 seconds on laptop) and achieves an average file access rate of 0.11 milliseconds. On Windows Experience Index for Microsoft Vista, it scores 5.6 out of a total 5.9. The SanDisk solid state drive consumes about 50% less power compared to our regular hard drive — 0.9W during active operation versus 1.9W. The lower power consumption also means much better battery life. This drive is now available to computer manufacturers at a cost of $350 (when purchased in bulk). h_32gb_ssd.php"

Do You Need to Surf Anonymously? 301

An anonymous reader writes "Computerworld has up an article entitled 'How to Surf Anonymously without a Trace'. It purports to offer tips on how to avoid detection by anyone attempting to monitor your internet access. 'If you don't like the limitations imposed on you by [proxy] sites like the Cloak or would simply prefer to configure anonymous surfing yourself, you can easily set up your browser to use an anonymous proxy server to sit between you and the sites you visit. To use an anonymous proxy server with your browser, first find an anonymous proxy server. Hundreds of free, public proxy servers are available, but many frequently go offline or are very slow. Many sites compile lists of these proxy servers, including Public Proxy Servers and the Atom InterSoft proxy server list.'"

Submission + - What's the best Linux Distro/Laptop pair?

VincenzoRomano writes: "It's now a year I'm running Linux KUbunbtu on my ASUS V6J Laptop. Almost happily.
In a near future I will need to buy one more laptop for my employee (aye, I have one!) and I'd like to know more about the Slashdot community experience.
What I have in mind is to have as much hardware as possible working under Linux, especially the modem and the irda (if present) as well as all other "basic" hardware, like wired/wireless interfaces and graphics card.
I have no special requirement for the Linux distro, as my personal experience is limited to (in time order) Slackware, Gentoo and KUbuntu. The activities to be carried out are somewhat in between "personal productivity" and "application development", as the guy will travel a lot and will run GCC compilers, PostgreSQL DB and Apache.
What'd be your choice?"

Submission + - Water Cooled Laptop Solutions?

sr. taquito writes: "Since my laptop's hard drive has died due to heat exhaustion, I have been trying to find a more efficient cooling solution for my Clevo D470K desktop replacement (AMD64 3700XP). I am thinking of water cooling it since nothing else seems to help. Other than simple pads with fans you place under a laptop, no manufacturer has tried to venture in to the land of laptop cooling. I was able to find a few sites that have rather crude DIY laptop water cooling, but is there anything else out there or other solutions you all have come up with?"
United States

Journal Journal: News Spam 2

I am now getting my news via spam. It's been happening for weeks, but today for the first time I actually read some news in my spam folder before I heard about it elsewhere, when some spam subject line informed me that comedian Richard Jeni had shot himself.

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