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Submission + - Jeremy White Whines About Wine Whiners (

jeremy_white writes: The Humble Indie Bundle V launched over the weekend, and it's been largely a great success. But there was a small but vocal group of people that hated on Wine. I was dismayed to see that the comments on Slashdot seemed to echo that bias; I thought the average Slashdot reader knew better. So I've written a diatribe^H^H^H^H^H^H^H blog post to explain why I think they're wrong to Whine about Wine.

Submission + - CodeWeavers launches CrossOver Games (

jeremy_white writes: "I'm happy to say that we have just released a new product, CrossOver Games, which lets Linux and Intel Mac users play many Windows games. I've also written a brief description of how Stefan Dösinger and a bunch of other great Wine developers essentially forced us to launch this product. We're very grateful for all of their hard work on Wine, especially now that I can play Civ IV as part of my job."

Submission + - CrossOver 6.2 ships; Team Fortress 2 on Mac/Linux (

jeremy_white writes: "I'm pleased to announce that we have released CrossOver 6.2 for both Linux and Mac. Version 6.2 adds support for Team Fortress 2 as well as continuing improvements in other applications and games like World of Warcraft. In our attempt to be trendy, we even shot a Mac comparison video. Give it a try and support the Wine Project."

Submission + - CodeWeavers releases CrossOver 6 for Mac and Linux

jeremy_white writes: "I'm happy to announce that we've shipped version 6.0 of CrossOver, for both the Mac and Linux. We have a full changelog here; highlights are are Outlook 2003 and support for games, notably World of Warcraft and Steam based games. I can attest that World of craft is the most well test application we have ever supported. It's exciting to watch the Wine project progress — it's a great and growing community of developers (which is a good thing, as we're now all too busy grinding Honor in Alterac Valley to keep up our pace of contributions :-/)."

Submission + - CodeWeavers ships public beta of CrossOver 6.0

Jeremy White writes: "I'm happy to report that we've shipped public beta versions of CrossOver 6.0. For Linux users, this adds support for World of Warcraft and many Steam games, as well as support for Outlook, Project, and Visio 2003. For Mac users, it brings a lot of nice bug fixes over the first beta. With this release I'd like to especially thank the many volunteer Wine developers. We could never have done this, particularly the game support, without you."

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