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Comment Re:The elephants in the room (Score 2) 244

I think email is on the decline just like the iPhone isn't selling anymore - only in news reports. Yes, it's not as popular as it once was however it is still a major method of communicating with customers. The availability of Google Apps (and similar services) for small to medium sized businesses is - from a sys admin perspective - an amazing thing. Their spam/malware protection is better than any other product I've ever used and it does it's work transparently.

I would counter that not only is email not in decline, it has become so important that individual businesses are outsourcing its deployment to larger firms who specialize in delivery and security with geographically distributed service centers. When you can get 30GB of storage, multiple services, spam/malware filtering, and somebody to call when it breaks for $5/mo per employee why would you spend money on your own infrastructure to do a tricky service like email?

Comment Duh (Score 1) 194

Go figure. Make meaningful content that people want to watch and they'll be willing to pay a few bucks for it. Netflix might be beating them to the punch with it's array of coming materials. The things Netflix has produced that I've seen have all be thoughtful and - maybe too strong of a word - innovative.

Comment Re:You mean parents? (Score 2, Insightful) 150

You cast the pot with the clay you have, not the clay you want.

Yes, parents are immensely important - and kids that have two (or more) good ones have an advantage. This doesn't mean that you can throw your hands up in the air and give up on marginalized kids. Teachers do a lot more in schools than just show off the pythagorean theorem or bloviate about what old dead white men did. They also teach social skills and fill in the gaps that parents can't always get to. This is another "social good" of public education.

Comment Managers (Score 5, Informative) 583

Like a kid in a candy store your manager will want more, More, MORE! of your time if you let them. It's a feedback loop to encourage more hard work from you. Advice: pace yourself so that when it is really needed and really an emergency you can show up to slay the dragon. You control how much time you spend thinking about this job, not them.

Comment Re:uh yea (Score 1) 343

This will lead to a lot of whining by users who now have to use their brains for the thirty seconds it takes to figure out wiki entries. It's a shame that it is accepted that knowing Office as a product is a thing and once you "know it" you can turn your brain off. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that Google Apps/Drive does this automagically for you on documents with multiple editors... simultaneously even.

I will agree that not using MS products on this will reduce the problem backlog. Sharepoint (the free version) is also another solution - one that I have seen exist rife with its own issues.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 5, Informative) 265

I'll second this sentiment. Gmail catches an obscene amount of spam sent to my account accurately and with so few false positives it blows my mind. I've dealt with lots of anti-spam software and some hardware and Google does a fantastic job.

Pro tip: you have to just start flagging things with the convenient "this is spam" button and in a short time their filters figure it out.

OP might just be getting a lot of legitimate list traffic that they signed up for. That isn't spam, you asked for that and need to hit 'unsubscribe'.

Comment 25%?!? (Score 1) 474

In other news, one full quarter of Americans are blithering idiots.

More telling was reading TFA and seeing that it's more predominant in the lower quintile of wage earners. Also tended to be in states where should they secede they would lose all their water contract rights with other states. Anybody who wants secession is just bad at economics.

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