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Comment Re:Oh well (Score 1) 231

The difference being that shitty flash sites are done by companies that you might actually need information from/about. While the Geocities and Angelfire sites were more for look at my cat type of sites.

Comment Re:I think this confirms what Jobs was saying (Score 5, Interesting) 373

I have an iPhone 4 and I've been able to drop to no bars in the same spot I had 5 bars previously, so in my experience the "depends on how strong the original signal is" argument doesn't stand up. I can stand in the same spot (so the signal strength shouldn't be wildly different) and experience little to no signal loss with a clean dry hand touching the lower left corner, but if my hand is damp from perspiration or the natural build up of oil I experience a drop to zero bars in a matter of seconds. All this makes sense though, since the salty sweat/oil should be more conductive than a clean dry hand. I like the iPhone, but I don't care for the apologists who refuse to admit there is a problem anymore than I care for the company that won't admit there is an issue.

Comment I think this confirms what Jobs was saying (Score 1, Informative) 373

Steve Jobs hasn't ever admitted to the iPhone 4 losing all signal or dropping calls when held in the "death grip". He only admitted to a loss of signal strength, which he said all phones experience when held in a similar manner. This article just seems to confirm what he said. The real world difference is, that the iPhone 4 can actually drop calls and appear to lose all signal when held this way. Notice there is a difference between reality and what Apple (or any company that doesn't want to admit they have a flaw in their product) will admit to.

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