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Submission + - Social Networking Meets Java Development (

jense writes: "As technology gets more and more complex, managing your tools is as bad as getting dirty with code. A new free product for Eclipse developers has just been launched to solve these woes. It's in beta stage, but holds a lot of promise for hair-pulling devs like me — it even allows for easy sharing of software configurations between users — a must for my dev team. I found a nice writeup here."

Comment so let me get this straight... (Score 2, Funny) 453

John McCain (for example) took time out of his preparation for upcoming primaries to chair an internal commitee on whether or not to use Windows or Linux servers. Furthermore, he took into consideration the political, secretive, subliminal implications of this choice and made a strategic move that would appease constituents. Or maybe he just asked an old buddy to coordinate his web site.

Submission + - Java EE 5 Standards, Vista Suppt. in MyEclipse 5.5

jense writes: "Genuitec, LLC, today announced the immediate availability of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 5.5. This feature-packed release showcases simplified enterprise and Ajax development in addition to providing support for many of the enhancements of Java EE 5.

Download MyEclipse 5.5 Now!

"The support for Java EE 5 (specifically EJB 3, standardized and open Java persistence and enhanced JSF capabilities) solves critical usability concerns our customers have voiced," said Wayne Parrott, Vice President of Product Development for Genuitec. "With new wizards, validation and code-assist features, users will quickly see the productivity increase these new features provide."

In addition, the 5.5 release will include continued support for the popular MyEclipse SNAPs (Simple Non-integrated APplications), which allow for workspace-free file manipulation. Continuing to bridge gaps between disparate IDEs, "Use-Anywhere" connectors are provided so users of NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio platforms can utilize MyEclipse SNAPs (including a Visual Web Designer/HTML Editor [now supporting .php and .asp files], XML Editor, Database tools, smart Text Editing tools and Java Image Editor [with screen capture ability]) directly within their own environments. The SNAPs are free as part of the MyEclipse distribution, but are currently only available for the Windows platform.

The following is a sampling of the new/updated features in MyEclipse 5.5:
  • Platform support:
    • Microsoft Vista support
    • Eclipse 3.2.2 compatible
    • Upgraded MyEclipse-WebTools, an enhanced and professionally supported version of Eclipse WTP 1.5.3 with many MyEclipse improvements and bug fixes
  • SNAPs Non-Eclipse Integration and Improvements
  • Java EE 5 Projects
    • Create Java EE 5 Web, EJB and Enterprise (EAR) projects with integrated library support
    • EJB Projects include integrated JPA and DB Explorer support
    • Much more
  • EJB3 — Enterprise Java Beans
    • Create Stateless, Stateful, Entity and Message enterprise beans
    • Wizards for creating all
    • Code-assist and validation of Java annotations
    • Reverse-engineer Entity and Stateless session bean facades from MyEclipse Database Explorer
  • MyEclipse Java Persistence Tools (including JPA, Toplink, Hibernate)
    • Add JPA Capabilities to any Java project
    • Integrates with MyEclipse Database Explorer for database connections and metadata access
    • JPA entity annotation validation
    • JPA properties editors and Java Persistence perspective
    • Much more
  • Visual JSF Page Designer
    • All new JSF Visual Page Designer for WYSIWYG editing of advanced JSF components
    • Supports Drag-and-Drop style editing of all standard JSF components
    • Preview mode of JSF design page
    • JSF and faces.config creation wizards
    • Much more
  • MyEclipse Derby Database
    • Integrated Derby database server with preconfigured JDBC driver
    • Sample schema is immediately accessible by all DB and JPA tools
  • Matisse4MyEclipse Swing Visual Designer upgrades, availability as a standalone plugin
  • Facelets support
  • XHTML support
  • MyEclipse UML improvements
  • Improved internationalization
  • New Application Server Connectors (Glassfish V2, Geronimo 2, Oracle 10, Weblogic 10)
  • All-in-One Installer reduced download volume by 50%
  • Much more!

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