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The Internet

Submission + - USA Today adds User Generated Content

* * Beatles-Beatles writes: "With the new features we've introduced on the site, readers will have the ability to:
  Scan other news sources directly on;
  See how readers are reacting to stories;
  Recommend stories and comments to other readers;
  Comment directly on stories;
  Participate in discussion forums;
  Write reviews (of movies, music and more);
  Contribute photos;
  Better communicate with USA TODAY staff."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - New Heavenly Sword video and images

Jake writes: "Recently in Canada, the latest episode of Heroes (ep 18) was aired and featured some strategic advertising by Sony. The episode features a few seconds of never before seen footage of Heavenly Sword on the Playstation 3, and boy does it look tasty. Here is a clip of the scene, there are no spoilers in this clip: Click here to see new video Seriously it may be short video and may have no sound but boy right now this game is the biggest reason im getting a PS3. Thats just in my opinion. What did you guys think about this video? Like it? Hate it? Want More? Tell me by posting!"
The Internet

Submission + - Who will digg Digg, and for How Much?

linux-laptop writes: "(May be From who-will-snap-our-rival department?) In its annual book of predictions "The World in 2007", The Economist puts it as a foregone conclusion that Digg will get snapped up for a fortune this year and that Kevin Rose will become a household name. The site which put social news on the scene, with a great position to soak up a whole lot of new users and traffic as it adds more categories (witness the quick success of the US Elections 2008 category), will certainly be a prize catch for any acquirer. This article analyzes the suitors and the dynamics which might guide their actions."

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