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Comment Re:Google interview nightmare (Score 1) 1001

Probably because Google sees you as a "resource". I'd personally never would work for a company that asks these dump questions. I don't have CS degree or PhD or even formal computer education. I barely finished school, but I'm working for over 19 years in software industry.

Comment Re:If not Russia who else? (Score 2) 21

How about point #4.

#4 Ukrainian government did it in order to make gain more hatred towards Russia from Ukrainian people and justify obligatory military drafts. They also did it because US-installed coup government feels that world is tired of them whining and begging for money, and by doing so they can once again say that Russia is an aggressor that declared war on Ukraine.

Given the dire situation in Ukraine, where people now earn less then poorest countries in Africa, the only drum they can beat on day in and day out has a label on it "It's because of Russia!"

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