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Comment Re:AT&T. Never had 'em, never will (Score 2, Insightful) 220

This whole post smells of controversy where there isn't one. AT&T was worried their network couldn't handle the load if the future suddenly arrived and everyone was video calling each other. So years ago they blocked 2-way video apps over their network (but not over wifi cause who cares). They've since realized this isn't the Jetsons so they're going to slowly allow that traffic through to see if it bites them in the ass. Assuming the novelty wears off pretty quickly for most users and their network doesn't take a dump in the mean time, they'll likely open it up entirely. It's not menacing and he isn't "sneering" - it's an issue of conservation. They have a limited number of resources that they've planned for and sudden disruptions to that plan can ruin their business. He's just a businessman - apply Hanlon's razor if you must but don't put your negative shit on him. AT&T isn't violating your rights, they don't care what software you use, and we aren't heading down any "bad road." Well, at least not from this. Go fear-monger elsewhere.

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Comment Re:Touché + Plants = New Hype? (Score 1) 97

It's even older than that. I vaguely remember this from my childhood. There was an Earth Day tv special with a girl who stumbled around learning about "nature" and at one point winds up in a wired arboretum where the plants are wired to a synthesizer to play notes when you touch them. I can't remember now if it was a Disney production but I suspect this has been around for a long time.

Comment Apps (Score 3, Insightful) 456

G+ attempts to solve a problem that has already been solved. The solution to maintaining different "circles" evolved into having different accounts. This was hindered for a short time by a lack of cross-posting but that was quickly solved by a set of APIs and app makers like TweetDeck. Personally, I have my family and majority of friends on FB, core friends and more comedy-driven people on twitter. I know I can crack certain snarky jokes on twitter that would offend my 2nd cousins and a high school friend. Those are the only 2 circles I need right now but if I need more, I can make a separate account. As it is, I cross-post my status updates, tweet snarky comments, facebook post family-friendly stuff, and on rare occasion G+ post techy things that weren't snarky. That results in about one post a month to G+ and daily posts to the others. I get the feeling this is a similar setup to many users of social media.

If our social lives are in either one circle or on an app which manages our circles, we have no need of G+. Communities don't move overnight. They shrink over time as their members slowly move from one pasture to a slightly greener one. G+ may be slightly greener but if travel there is difficult and I don't know anyone there, every time I head home for a "friend fix" I'm going to be tempted to never return. G+ needs to build a highway soon. Implement Twitter and FB accounts as "external circles" using the existing APIs. Let me make G+ my home while still talking to my existing circles. Let the external circles dwindle as everyone except our parents slowly move over to G+ but let us still talk to our parents. Until that happens, G+, your community will stagnate.

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