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Comment MacBook Pros appear designed to break (Score 1) 551

... Or maybe I'm too rough on them.

My MacBook Pros don't seem to last more than a couple of years these days. Perhaps that is the nature of a portable device that is tossed about. My old 2008 Mac Tower is STILL faster than my brand new MacBook Pro with force touch. Having 8 cores helps.
Joseph Elwell.

Comment Police don't solve crime (Score 2) 190

It should probably be pointed out that police aren't in the business of solving crime. Take a look at Clearance Rate.

In particular a choice quote from an NPR story:
          "In the '60s and '70s, no one thought that the police should be held responsible for how much crime there was," Wellford says. Back then, he adds, police focused on calls for service and solving crimes.
          In more recent years, he says, police have been pushed to focus more on prevention, which has taken precedence over solving crimes — especially non-violent offenses.
          In short, the falling crime rate we've enjoyed may come at a cost: police indifference when you report your stereo was stolen.

If it's not the police's job to solve crime, then whose job is it? Apparently it's the victim's job.
Joseph Elwell.

Comment Job Training (Score 4, Insightful) 45

I got a job working at Netscape (Now Mozilla) because I spent my free time contributing reduced test cases to bugs through bugzilla. Asa Dotzler, volunteered his time managing people like me, and picked up a job similarly. I referred Blake Ross to Netscape shortly after I joined because he was working with us, helping with bugs. The key for all of us, was that contributing allowed us to get job training - training that Netscape wouldn't have to provide. It's tough for a hiring manager to determine if someone is skillful based on their resume, but it's easy to see how someone will fit in your organization when they're already contributing to it.
Joseph Elwell.

Comment Re:Two Problems (Score 1) 164

Indeed, if you read the Kickstarter, there is no mention of "Universal Access". Instead you're helping fund a private company to build a product they want to sell to kids and schools. Sure, they'll give away some free copies to some people. But there are over 98 thousand schools in the United States alone and they want to give away 1,500 copies to classrooms (not even schools) at the million dollar level. Their stretch goal is "free access" to 7,500 classrooms. How many classrooms are in a school?!
Joseph Elwell.

Comment Rationale of the accused (Score 1) 427

From another article,
"Humphreys told the FCC he used the jammer to keep people from talking on their cellphones while driving. Talking on a cellphone while driving is legal in Florida, even without a hands-free kit, though texting while driving is banned. Using a cellphone jammer is illegal for everyone but federal law enforcement, regardless of intent, according to the FCC."

A moving jammer, that doesn't center on the phone caller seems more disruptive rather than less. If your call drops while in motion you're going to retry. This is more helpful to prevent calls in the first place - but even that means they go for their phone. It seems to me the talking isn't the distraction AS much as the dialing.
Joseph Elwell.

Comment Horrible reactions to predictable problems. (Score 1) 465

For starters the main story is down, and no cache appears to be available. But from the other 3 viewpoints here's what I takeaway:
A person whose job it was to make the "story" aspect of the videos engaging asked a purposefully hurtful question to incite conflict (since conflict sells). Rather than consistently using that as a launching point into educating the masses (people who will be watching the videos - obviously the person asking has no need for education) the teams decided to SHUT DOWN. First they shut down by ignoring future incursions. Then they shutdown entirely. Seems like the guy was giving you a soap box for you to talk on.
Joseph Elwell.

Comment Garage Smoke Detectors (Score 1) 253

I'm wiring up a smoke detector in my garage. Smoke detectors aren't often found in garages due to the false positives they sound off on - because of car exhausts. I have an Plug in Electric Hybrid, and this guy has a Tesla. Perfect for a Nest Protect. No exhaust to trigger false positives.
Joseph Elwell.

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