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Comment Youth (Score 1) 473

"At eighteen he might have been a poet. Now he is not a poet, nor a writer, not an artist. He is a computer programmer in a world in which there are no thirty-year-old computer programmers. At thirty one is too old to be a programmer: one turns oneself into something else - some kind of businessman - or one shoots oneself."
- Youth (concluding paragraph), J.M. Coetzee - Nobel Laureate in literature, former IBM employee


Submission + - Mathematicians prove how to maximise PageRank (

KentuckyFC writes: "Everyone knows that you can boost your ranking by getting other popular sites to link to you. That isn't always so easy. But another question is how best to arrange links between pages within your site in a way that boosts PageRanking. Now a couple of Belgian researchers have proven mathematically which design is best and published the result on the physics arXiv (abstract). This is their advice: arrange your pages in a simple forward chain so that each links to the next but at the same time include every possible backward link."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Unreal Tournament 3 Performance Revealed (

Vigile writes: "The Unreal Tournament 3 demo might just be dropping today, but with a launch on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and even an in-box Linux client it will definitely be one of the best titles out for the holiday. With an early take on the UT3 demo's performance, PC Perspective has posted an article that compares cards from NVIDIA and AMD in both single and dual-GPU configurations to see which are the best performers. It turns out that even mid-range cards are going to be more than capable of playing UT3 at impressive image quality levels."

Submission + - Fox selling American Idol singles as DRM-free MP3s

IdolFan writes: Signaling yet another blow to the forces of DRM, Fox has decided to sell the singles from this season's American Idol finalists in high-quality (320kbps), unencumbered, MP3 format — for $0.99 a song. This hasn't been widely announced, so it's not clear if this is a permanent shift in strategy, or just a trial balloon.

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