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Comment Re: Aural bypass (Score 1) 135

I don't think so because that still use the nerve hookup from the inner ear to the brain. My nerves in my left ear were completely severed so I would need a different approach. I wonder if some sort of haptic interface would produce aural cues that my brain could use to compensate. I can still hear in my ight ear so for now it is mono for me...

Comment Aural bypass (Score 1) 135

Make something that will somehow bypass the eardrum/nerve interface so that people like me that have had severe never damage in the inner ear canal can enjoy music again. Who knows where it could go from there but I know I would be eternally grateful!!! Oh yeah, no wires in my brain please!!!

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 225

A properly designed web app will cache most of the necessary resources so you won't need to download it more than once unless it changes. It can even operate offline in some cases. Web apps can use some of the host devices but not all unless you convert it to a native app using PhoneGap or something similar. They are not as fast on iOS but this is because Apple chooses to make it that way, they want you to have to go through the App Store and pay the Apple tax.

The word 'properly' is the key here. Most front-end devs can't do anything without heavy frameworks and other libs. Techniques such as Single Page Apps are not very performant, at least not in the early frameworks.

As the Javascript,HTML5,CSS3 world matures performance and capabilities will improve to the point where you probably won't be able to tell native from web in most cases. However there will always be some apps that can only be native.

Comment So how are they going to do that? (Score 1) 145

I don't see anything saying how they plan to turn everyone into developers. It looks like they just plan to get as many people on the platform as possible. How does that make them into developers? Throwing out a bunch of code (that may or may not be any good) that anyone can use does not make them developers. In fact it makes the problem worse. We already have too many cut and paste coders. Or ones who are addicted to frameworks and other libraries and can't solve even a simple problem without them. You want people to be developers, teach them to think logically and write code!

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 2) 231

Yes exactly this!!! Our country was built by immigrants who came here for a better life, became citizens and contributed to the growth of the country. We are their children and we still contribute to this country (most of us anyway). H1B is nothing but a drain except for the few company execs who get big bonuses for slashing cost, this quarter. The rest of us are screwed!!!

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