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Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score 1) 279

You're right that very very few people go to that effort but thats not because of any intense expertise or expense. I have a similar setup with OpenWRT routers and APs (multiple devices in different locations with different specialties) a managed switch, VLANs, etc. Its all (except the distributed APs) on a wire shelf in my basement next to my electrical panel. Super easy.

Comment Re:How do you know? (Score 3, Insightful) 279

Recommendations? Take the C7 and install OpenWRT on it. Super easy to use, reliable, and capable of any firewalling you can dream up (including on IPv6). Plus then you have a nice graph to tell you how much bandwidth is in use and by which device. If you have a botnet participant in your network it will be obvious.

Comment "of course i'm protected, i just cant say how" (Score 0) 217

"There are some additional things I do," Spafford added, telling the reporter that "I'm not going to give details of all of them, because that doesn't help me."
Bruce Schneier had a similar answer. When the reporter asked how he protected his data, Schneier wouldn't tell them, adding "I'm kind of a target..."

So... security by obscurity is apparently highly regarded by the pros. Good to know.

Comment How odd (Score -1) 131

Last time I did a support chat with Amazon there was an option to email a transcript or not. It asks at the end of the session. Why would the scammer be choosing to send the transcript every time? He basically gave himself away immediately when he did that.

Comment Re:If your critical stuff is IOT.... (Score 1) 68

Which is great, except that wind farms tend to be in places like the middle of nowhere, Kansas, or a mile or so offshore.

These vulnerable turbines aren't even utility scale like you are picturing. These are backyard farm turbines and the like. Those turbines do use secure interfaces and protected networks. But hey lets shit on the IoT because one small time vendor screwed up.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 191

I work for a tech company. I don't think anyone has ever been asked if they had a criminal record during job interview in the 100+ people hired over the years.

Asked? Heavens no. The background check takes care of that. They only ever ask you to fill out the "have you had any felonies" form if they know you did and want to catch you lying.

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 250

You want to regulate pricing, so that you have a corrupt cartel which keeps competition limited and prices high?

Because that's what we had before Uber came around.

We don't need regulated pricing, we need competition. And that's what we have with Uber and Lyft (who compete against each other). What we need is a few more services like those, and then several apps which do for them what PadMapper does for the rental market, and aggregates them and lets you quickly find out which service will give you the best combination of fare price and convenience (e.g., a cheaper fare probably isn't worth it if you have to wait an hour to get picked up).

All this whining about surge pricing is silly. The pricing is not a surprise: Uber's app tells you before you ride how much it's going to cost. If the price is too high, don't buy it. Most of the time, Uber rides are far cheaper than regular cabs, and you get to ride in a much nicer vehicle. Without surge pricing, drivers wouldn't bother driving during certain times.

It is equally about keeping demand in check as it is encouraging more supply. Without surge pricing there simply wouldn't be uber rides to be had for 90% of the interested buyers. What would a rider rather have, a low price for a ride they almost certainly won't get because there is a 4 hour wait, or a high price for a ride they can get immediately.

Comment Re:Headline vs. Article... FIGHT! (Score 2) 253

Disrupt is an overloaded word. In this case it's in the "disruptive technology" sense: the USD > bitcoin > ARS automation allows for a 30% increase in revenue for any business that accepts foreign bank cards. Thats enough for people to stampede to it, the only thing holding it back will be how fast the payment terminals can be set up.

Comment Re:Here's to hoping they don't find oil (Score 2) 152

Here's to hoping they don't find any oil there, given the earthquakes it's caused in OK.

The magma is so close to the surface that there won't be the usual layer after deeper layer of hydrocarbons to go after.

Better yet: Here's hoping they find oil near the surface, extract it, and then turn the oil deposit wells into geothermal loops.

What an opportunity! We can extract high quality geothermal energy from the site AND cool the rock near the surface to prevent an eruption.

Disclaimer: I am not a geologist so this probably makes no sense at all

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