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Comment Re:Can't believe they released this shit (Score 1) 401

This is awesome. The guy who's never used the OS and is telling people not to buy is informative, and the one who's had it from day one, loves it, and has a girlfriend who saw it and got one of her own is the troll. Slashdot: Where personal experience takes a backseat to uninformed rhetoric!

Comment Re:Can't believe they released this shit (Score -1, Redundant) 401

This is informative? Really? Yes, Windows Mobile was slow and buggy, but Microsoft realized that and trashed it completely for WP7. It's a brand new OS that's as fast and responsive as anything out there. Your experiences and DO NOT BUY recommendation for the old OS are irrelevant.

Comment Re:Can't believe they released this shit (Score 4, Informative) 401

That's simply not true. Windows Phone 7 does the same kind of push notifications iOS and Facebook updates only come over automatically for the couple people you have pinned on your screen. I've had one since launch and used 500MB the first month and 450 the second. I have no doubt a few users are having problem (likely leaving the Feedback option checked and their email) but it's not a widespread problem by any means.

Comment Re:Should have chosen a different carrier (Score 1) 351

An HD2 will absolutely sync with Live Mail. When you set up a address it automatically downloads and installs the mobile sync client that handles contacts and email from your live account.

Outlook Express has been replaced by Live Mail desktop client on Windows 7. It's not included in the OS, but it's a free download with all the other Live tools from Microsoft. It even appears as an option in Windows Update. That also handles a Hotmail account or any other POP/IMAP mailbox.

You can't sync email with your phone that you plugged in because you don't have Outlook. But if it's all in the cloud, you'd never need to do that anyway. What's the point of having a mail enabled always connected device and manually sync to a desktop?

Comment Re:Windows Phone 7 looks ugly (to me) (Score 1) 351

You have to see it in motion. It's amazingly fluid and well designed in use. I personally love what they've done in getting rid of all the unnecessary graphic elements. There are no lines between the messages in your inbox, no always visible scroll bars, no locked title bars... really nothing at all between you and your data. Play with one in a store and you'll come away with a completely different impression.

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