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Submission + - Google Goes Down!

nofrak writes: The unthinkable has happened. Google is down. No Gmail. No Blogger. No Docs. No Google. The internet is over! run for the hills! First noticed on the east coat at about 1:00 pm. Cause or extent as yet unknown.

Submission + - Google Wants OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt...? (

Watcher writes: One expects Google to go after the brightest and the best, so perhaps it's not surprising that they'd be interested in OpenBSD's creator Theo de Raadt. Or is it in fact that Google doesn't hire good recruiters? In a very public guffaw, one of Google's recruiters seems to have confused de Raadt's private email with the public OpenBSD mailing list. "I am a recruiter for the engineering team, a dynamic, challenging and fun group, which is responsible for our Google website, from start to finish. While doing a search for a specific skill set, I found your contact information on-line and I wanted to contact you to see if you may be interested in learning more about opportunities with us. You seem like you might be a great fit here at Google." While de Raadt himself will likely simply ignore the email, odds are that the hundreds of other -misc subscribers will have a field day with the mistake. Or maybe it's just the job that Theo has been waiting for, and us OpenBSD fans will loose our leader?

Submission + - Paramount chooses Scotty for next Star Trek film

butterflysrage writes: The BBC reports that Shawn of the Dead actor Simon Pegg is to star as Scotty in the upcoming Star Trek film, across from US actor Chris Pine who will be playing Kirk. The movie is to focus on the early life of Kerk and Spock.

Submission + - Bugs in Vista which you may not find in any OS (

LiquidNitrogen writes: "The author in the blog has discussed some of the very naive bugs that can be found in the new operating system from Microsoft. Some of the bugs such as showing file size in negative proves without saying the quality of testing and/or design that has gone in to build some of the internal components of the new operating system."

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