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Comment Re: Pinto? How about Person? (Score 1) 800

You will have to pay for damage caused by your vehicle. Even if the car is driving itself. Autonomous cars won't be viable if the drivers aren't taking responsibility. There will probably be some kind of contact that you'll have to agree to when buying the car. Seems fair to me. If an autonomous car is ten times less likely to get in an accident than a human driver, then your cost for insurance would be way down and the insurance would pay for the accidents caused by the autonomous cars. Accidents caused by unpredictable circumstances as well as software bugs would be covered by insurance.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 2) 325

1) It's not really for the sake of being "Green". I don't consider longer battery life on my phone to be a "green" attribute.
2) Digital calulations are already estimations (try storing 1/3 in a float). There really is a tolerable threshold, and it does vary by the application. Software engineers already need to understand, and accept this uncertainty. If you could hint to the compiler that you were interested in this Lat Lon coordinate to 8 decimal places, but you weren't interested in the intensity of this floating point image to more than 2 decimal places, then you could allow your processor to speed up, and be more efficient. Another way you could use a hint is that I don't care if 1% of these pixels are completely wrong.

Comment Only give access to a great big wiki site. (Score 1) 330

Let them edit it throughout the semester, and then only give access to that site (hosted on a machine on a LAN, not connected to the internet). Then everyone would have the same information base, and they could search for information. You could even keep the information alive through semesters. Make sure it's read only during the test. And you can go through it quickly after writing the test to make sure no information is too helpful.

Even better, or also, you could host a stack exchange like service too, that people can record and exchange information for the projects they do during the semester. Teaching is the best way to learn, after all...

Comment Re:Clone Wars (or Sensationalist Headline) (Score 1) 172

I think most cells in the body are replaced on a regular basis. So are how old are you? By your standard, you are only a couple months old. Bodies are constantly copying cells, and if we could survive like the brooms in fantasia after being chopped into little bits, then I would say that's pretty close to asexual reproduction.

Comment Re:Why do you want to be hired? (Score 1) 523

I'd add that this approach has two benefits.
1) You can fill your resume with applicable experience, and be able to answer the question "What were you doing the last six months?"
2) Meeting and working with other software engineers can make a big difference in finding a good job. It's not what you know, it's who you know (and what they think of you).

Comment Re:Backseat Driving (Score 1) 263

You might see the warned car beeping, but it might just do things you won't notice.

For example, in that two seconds where it thinks there might be a problem, it could increase the gain on the brakes, and reduce the gain on acceleration. So if you are accelerating towards a stopping vehicle, it will not accelerate as fast, and if you start to brake, it could brake harder. Alternatively, there could be subtle gains to be had as well. In a hybrid vehicle, it might prepare to regenerate the batteries, or if you are in cruise control it could change the speed. There are a lot of complicated things happening under the hood of a modern automobile, and you'd be surprised how little it could take in a lot of cases to reduce fatalities.

Comment Less stress, or less fear? (Score 1) 221

Both the examples of less stress involved the mice being less fearful. Wouldn't that make sense, in an evolution sense for the bacteria? Mice with less fear get eaten, by something that will then host the bacteria that reduce fear in their host, so that host will get eaten...

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