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Comment Re:What about the parents? (Score 3, Informative) 466

Don't be silly. The speech and behavior rules in a school certainly DO distinguish between staff, students, and visitors. And the staff part usually differentiates further, between those who hold professional certification and those who don't (i.e., teachers and custodians).

IANAL, but in case anyone cares, courts have already ruled on this quite a few times, and the most common test on whether the school can discipline students for out-of-school acts is: whether the act could be reasonably expected to cause a "substantial disruption" of the educational mission of the school.

Having no other information to go on this case does not seem likely to rise to that level.

Comment Re:Happens all the time (Score 1) 317

I'm guessing that the runway numbers give the magnetic bearings for the runway in both directions in degrees divided by ten. If so they should always add up to 36 so maybe you mean 10-26 became 09-27.

Your guess about the magnetic direction is right, but your math is terrible. The numbers do not add up to 36; rather, the difference between the numbers is always 18. So 09/27 is a possible combination, but 10/26 is not. The opposite direction of 100 degrees is 280, not 260. But feel free to chime in and contradict actual pilots whenever you have a wild guess you'd like to share with the world.

Comment Re:Eheh (Score 1) 407

That's all well and good, fine for them to make that decision. NOT fine to claim 'this is open'. This is not "open" in any sense or the word other than "openly not open", it's "closed". You can't polish a turd and claim it's a diamond, it's a turd.

If calling it "not open" will send you to jail, you call it open. And you polish that turd to a high gloss. If you're a purchasing agent, you can call up any manufacturer of anything and ask the salesman, "How do I specify your GizmoBorg brand dingus?" and he'll tell you exactly what to specify so that no other competitive dingus on the market will match those specs but one: the GizmoBorg. Is it legal? Well, there's a lot of people walking around free who would be behind bars it weren't.

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