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Comment Steam on a Chromebook? Old News. (Score 3, Interesting) 45

I had Steam (both wine version and Linux version) working on my Asus C710 Chromebook a couple of years ago. The system itself lacked enough power to do any big gaming, but FTL worked well enough.

Last year I played quite a bit of Skyrim, streaming it from a Windows desktop elsewhere in the house.

Crouton is good stuff.

Comment A Matter of Pride (Score 1) 278

Kali Flash Drive, Hiren's Flash Drive, KNOPPIX Flash Drive, HAK5 Rubber Ducky, Random Files Flash Drive, Breathalyzer, Key multitool, set of Brian Brushwood's bump keys, house key, car key, solar-powered flash light, 720p video camera that looks like a garage door opener, portable blacklight

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