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Comment Re:Yeah, but how to get sleep (Score 1) 180

Tried all that. I think my hearing is too damn sensitive.

It's either that or I've made myself dependant on the ceiling fan.

A-flex on my machine definitely makes the sound more noticeable. I really should kill it, but I've been to lazy to reach under my bed and adjust it.

Probably just need a newer/different machine.

By the way, SleepyHead on sourceforge is becoming quite useful for those with full data recording machines (hint hint, shameless plug) a new release will be out soon, once the lazy assed dev gets some decent sleep.

Comment Re:Yeah, but how to get sleep (Score 1) 180

It is NOT just the obese that are prone to sleep apnea and related disorders unfortunately.

Hereditary factors, such as having a large tongue, or a small jaw are very common causes of obstructive sleep apnea.
Some forms, such as complex sleep apnea are caused by breathing messages not getting sent through the neural pathways, which can affect people of any shape or size.

Being tired all day because of an untreated sleep disorder certainly doesn't inspire people to get out and exercise, so it's not surprising more overweight people use CPAP.

If strapping a mask on at night allows someone to have a fog free day, then that's awesome. Being properly treated, and able to concentrate and remember clearly, overweight people will certainly be more motivated to go do something about their situation.

* I develop the open-source software for CPAP users called SleepyHead, and have on my journey met an awful lot of skinny and athletic people who are "on the hose".

Comment Re:Stress is a huge factor.... (Score 1) 180

I understand very well too unfortunately. :(

My sensitivity has been burnt out a lot because of it, I hope I didn't come across as too harsh with that bit.

It's only been a year for me, and I've had to take a step back and have a serious objective look at things to pull myself out of the downward spiral.

It's only just now I'm starting to be able to sleep in solid blocks again. On days I do manage to, my memory is a lot clearer.

I let things get to me so bad I started having mini-stokes and heart problems, on top of the constant sleep deprived fog, so I had to force myself do something about it for my own health and safety, and part of that was learning to love a good sleep again.

Comment Re:Stress is a huge factor.... (Score 3, Insightful) 180

Totally agree.

Keep your chin up.. Just remember that jerk isn't losing any sleep over you. He stopped caring about your sleep a long time ago.

It's not fun lying awake every stinking night wondering what the heck you did wrong to end up in that situation.
It totally sucks waking up at 3am and feeling the same depressive cycle switching on again and again, when all you want to do is get some frigging sleep.

And all that time wasted, spent in a loop trying to process all the conflicting advice you've been given by well meaning idiots who've never experienced anything near where you have been through.

Waking "up" in the morning feeling like a zombie and can't remember what day it is, let alone what needs to get done.

Doctors prescribe antidepressants, mistakenly thinking it's just a simple brain chemical change that caused the completely messed up psyche, when in reality the problem was caused by an asshole who couldn't own up to their feelings, ripping a hole in the fabric of our universe, messing up our brain chemicals. (They may still need balancing, but they won't fix the problem until we can bring ourselves to address the root cause of it.)

The problem with marriage and other close relationships is we tend to bind our potential for happiness and wellbeing to another persons, and when the cords are cruelly severed, our identity is damaged in the process, along with our self worth.

It's not easy to give ourselves permission to stop mourning for the treasured thing we lost (of course it is completely natural need time to grieve).
However once we do, we can begin to retake control of our own future, we can start to find a solid foundation in ourselves, and nurture our own reasons for happiness. In the end we are stronger, better people, and able to deal with anything life throws our way.

I hope things improve for you real soon, so you can have a good nights sleep. I wish I knew the right thing to say that helped.
I know it can take quite a while to get back on your feet. I've really found it helps to know others have been through similar crap.

Comment Re:Yeah, but how to get sleep (Score 1) 180

If they are still sounding like Darth vader, they probably have the wrong mask fit, or using a nasal mask and unintentionally sleeping with their mouth hanging open. A good CPAP machine will track leaks on an SD card or similar.

I still get driven nuts by the sound of the machines fan ramping up slightly whenever I breath in. Wife doesn't seem to notice it, but most of the time I need the ceiling fan on full bore.

Comment Re:Yeah, but how to get sleep (Score 4, Interesting) 180

I found it's a good thing to scare the crap out of them with an overnight oximetry reading. Cheap data recording oximeters are dirt cheap on ebay, and a good gift/loan for someone worth caring about.

Does wonders for the die hard denialists seeing the blood oxygen saturation drop to near death levels multiple times throughout the night.

Even more hilarious is showing people a cam recording of them stopping breathing while they sleep, with all the gory choking sounds.

Usually after seeing or hearing all that, they are off to the doc to book a sleep test.

Comment Re:Yeah, but how to get sleep (Score 1) 180

Lucky guy.. :)

For me is wasn't that dramatic. Over a year on CPAP for moderate sleep apnea and I'm still as scatterbrained as hell.

The best I get is a reduction in daily headaches, which I find a pretty damn good reason to continue with CPAP. One nap off the hose and I know about it (along everyone else around me.. grrrrr.)

Weight loss is a huge health bonus for people with sleep disorders. It's also freaking hard to do. Congrats.

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